14 beauty tips for your skin and hair for this summer

Who wants to stay inside on a warm sunny day? But, exposure to sun can cause a lot of damage to your hair and your beautiful skin. Our environment plays an important role in affecting human skin and hair, and it is vital to deal with them. Steaming sweltering summer is as of now on its way and the destructive UV beams are getting increasingly forceful. Healthy skin regimen amid summer months ought to be embraced precisely based on your skin conditions. Here are some tips to keep your hair long, healthy and shiny and your skin hydrated.


      1. Use sunscreens from incredible brands like Neutrogena, Sebamed, Ranbaxy or Glytone, with SPF more than 30. Use sunscreen cream or sprinkle liberally and go over predictably, despite when you remain inside the room which is exposed to sunlight.
      2. This is a wonderful hack. Resulting to applying sunscreen on your body, fundamentally run your fingers through your hair and let the left over sunscreen shield your hair from UV shafts.
      3. Well, we all want to run to the shower after a day under the sun. But, abstain from washing your hair a lot amid this season; it strips your hair of the basic oils that saturate it normally. Also, when you do wash your hair utilize brands like Pantene and Head and Shoulders, which are delicate, sustaining and have a high SPF.
      4. Use squeezed apple vinegar as a toner in the midst of summers. Add one tablespoon squeezed apple vinegar and some water. Drench a cotton ball, and swipe the mixture over an impeccable, dry face to settle skin.
      5. In case you’re the sort of individual who adores swimming in summers then wet your hair first before entering the pool. Along these lines it will ingest lesser chlorine.
      6. Shower becomes our closest companion amid summers. Regardless, ensure you use a proper shower filter to remove any impurities that may be found in the water and they don’t hurt your hair.
      7. Drink a considerable amount of water. Eat natural items like watermelon and drink many glasses of juices. It’s critical to keep your body hydrated.
      8. The last thing you would want is to lose your hair. Summer will start acting fast if you don’t pay attention. Don’t let the spell of black magic of summer dull your skin or your hair. Stay away from stress.
      9. Whatever cream or lotion you use, apply 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to it before applying it on your face. It will keep your skin cool and keep it away from sunburn.
      10. A sweltering oil flush is non-debatable in the summers. Subsequent to shampooing your hair, warm any normal oil (coconut, almond or olive) and apply it to your hair from the tips to the roots. Your hair will shine and will become healthy immediately.
      11. Always cover your hair with a cap or a scarf during summers. It will enhance your fashion statement and will protect your hair from damage as well. This shields it from the hurtful UV beams and it additionally helps in holding dampness.

    1. If you caught hold of rashes due to harsh UV rays, apply baby powder onto the affected area. It will heal the rashes. If you don’t have one try patanjali products as these are ayurvedic and safe.
    2. Take out some Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice. Put them in the ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. You should apply those cubs to heal sunburn every time you expose yourself to the sun. It also refreshes your skin.
    3. This summer keep your hair away from blow dryers. They surely dry your hair real quick but it frizzes them up as well. Let your hair breath.

This summer try using these tips and keep your skin and hair healthy and shiny. You are worth it. Also try coupons listed at CouponsCurry.com to buy branded beauty products

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