The 4 Best Wireless USB Modems to Navigate

Who can live today without the Internet? Our society depends largely on the web, many pay our taxes, we join virtual communities, we communicate over long distances and we even enroll in institutions through this. Basically, in this world so dependent, if you are not in the network, you do not exist, so carrying a backup of this service in your pocket can save you from any unforeseen event. The best wireless USB modem can be adapted to any electronic device, whether to your computer, Smartphone or tablet, USB ports are universal because through them you can share multimedia content such as images, videos, and music, in such a way that its functionality and versatility is not questionable.

What is the wireless USB modem?

A wireless modem is nothing more than a device by which it is possible for you to directly access the network connectivity provided by an ISP – Internet Service Provider, for its acronym in English. The capabilities and versatility of a wireless modem are such that this device can be pre-compiled in smartphones, mobile phones and personal data assistants (PDA), or distributed in the form of a USB, serial or wireless firewall modem.

It is incredible the number of products of this type that are for sale, but very few are really effective, so we have prepared a select list of the best wireless USB modems. Here we present the best wireless USB modems available on thegadgetstrend

1.Wifi Portable Router RP-WD03 RAVPower

The RAVPower is the first wireless modem on the list not only because it is the most ergonomic, but also because it works as a file hub, Wi-Fi router, and even WLAN, as well as being a card reader and having an external battery to prolong its use when we are away from home, which means that it is compatible with Micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, and USB. It has details in LED light to inform about the status of the signal.

  1. Netgear A6100-100PES

This pocket hotspot is the cheapest of our selection for its smaller and more compact design, but its quality is not questionable because it is dual-band, ideal for large homes. Netgear explains that its users will be able to play videos and enjoy online games without any problem because the connections are faster.

  1. TP-Link MA180

The TP-Link can very easily be confused with a simple pen-drive, but this mobile Internet electronic hotspots, whose advantage over others is that it is compatible with the operating systems of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, is easy to install and has support bands of up to 1900 megaHertz.

  1. D-link DWM-157

And the last but not least is the D-Link with 3G connectivity, which is available in white with details in blue. Its only power source is through a USB port but can work with any operating system, from Windows to Mac. This wireless modem is easy to install and great performance.

How to buy a wireless USB modem

In case you are thinking about buying a wireless USB modem of a recognized brand and that is also cheap or the least expensive among the most expensive, it is necessary to not lose sight of certain considerations so that you do not take a fiasco. The main thing is to get out of your mind that a good quality wireless USB modem is because it has this or that appearance. That a device as it is equipped with one or two antennas does not mean that it is better or worse than another, for example. That is why what you should notice is in the specifications of the terminal; punctually, in the part about the wireless protocols that it supports (b / g / n / a), as well as the generation of the USB port in which it is connected (2.0 or 3.0) and in the bands it uses (2.4GHz or 5GHz) ). Having seen that, check the type of USB ports you have on your laptop (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0). If it is USB 2.0, you would achieve a maximum theoretical speed of 60 MB / s; and if it is USB 3.0, you would be exceeding 640 MB / s. In addition, check that your router and its adapter can transmit on the same protocols. Which means that if you have an 802.11ac router and a USB 3.0 port, you should ideally opt for an 802.11ac modem. And if instead, you have a router or USB ports not very fast, buy a modem with wireless connection N.

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