5 Lucrative Jobs in Mumbai in the Fashion Industry

Mumbai opens the door for a great fashion career. There are a number of Fashion related jobs in Mumbai which young graduates can pursue and make a prosperous career. Mumbai itself is a highly glamorous industry with the Bollywood industry and the fashion industry working simultaneously.  Young people who have a flair for creativity, who have a stylish fashion sense, and who want to stay updated with the latest fashion trends have a great chance to do well in the fashion industry.

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Some of the popular fashion related jobs in Mumbai for young fashion enthusiasts are as follows:

Fashion Designer: Fashion designers design clothes. They create new trends or modify original trends to create patterns and styles to appeal the customers. Some designs are created as per the recommendations of the clients. Fashion Themes are created as per the occasion or the season. Fashion designers not only create the sketch of the design but also look into other aspects, right from choosing the fabric to embellishments, colours and other accessories. Once you complete a professional fashion design course from a recognized institute, you can apply for fashion design jobs in Mumbai in garment house, export house, boutiques, fashion showrooms, studios or you can work under a senior fashion designer. You can create your own fashion label too.  Jewellery design, accessory designing are also integral part of fashion designing courses. Along with a professional degree, you should definitely be creative, have artistic skills and a passion for designing to be a successful fashion designer.

Textile Designer: The process of creating designs with colours, threads, embellishments, prints on woven or knitted fabric is known as Textile Design. Textile designers used their creative skills to create beautiful designs and patterns on different types of fabrics right from cotton to silk, from tye-dye, printed to surface ornamented, phulkari, wool, khadi fabrics and so on. A professional textile designing course also gives training on weaving, knitting, dyeing, yarn making, finishing processes, etc. Textile designers are an integral part of the textile and garment industry. Not only that, textile designing is also necessary for designing of fabrics used in interior decor, home furnishings etc. There are a variety of textile designing jobs in Mumbai in textile companies, textile factories, garment manufacturing companies, home furnishings companies, boutiques, fashion houses etc.

Fashion Technologist: Another job profile that individuals can pursue in the fashion industry is as a Fashion Technologist. While a fashion designer uses fabrics to create a design on a garment or dress, it is the role of the fashion technologist to develop the fabric/garment, work on the product process and quality management. Fashion Technologists are involved in the core garment manufacturing technology. As a Fashion Technologist, there are many jobs in Mumbai. Candidates can join fashion house, garment manufacturing companies, export houses, textile mills, as consultants to fashion designers, and so on.

Luxury Brand Manager: If you are not interested in hardcore designing and production process, you can still be associated with fashion-related jobs in Mumbai as a Luxury Brand Manager. Mumbai has a large number of shopping malls where you will find a number of branded outlets, both national and international. Plus, there are individual show rooms of top luxurious brands like as Michael Kors, Dior, Chanel, etc. As a Luxury Brand Manager, you are involved in marketing, management of the brand, carrying out market research for products, conducting marketing campaigns and branding, working with brand ambassadors and so on. In a Luxury Brand Management profile, you can be offered various designations depending on the role taken up like as Brand Manager, Fashion Retail Manager, Fashion Goods Product Manager, Fashion Public Relations Specialist, Merchandising Manager etc.

Fashion Blogger: This is another job that can be taken up by young fashion enthusiasts. You can work as a fashion blogger for reputed designers and brands and showcase their new designs, new outfits, fashion events, style and accessories on your blog. You can also create Vlogs, Instagram posts, YouTube videos to promote their products. Not only that, you can be a fashion blogger if you have creative ability and fashion sense and share your knowledge of fashion and style tips to others through your personal blog. As a fashion blogger, you can also work with media companies to cover fashion events and shows. Good writing skills with an inquisitive likeness for fashion can offer you good fashion blogging jobs in Mumbai.

To sum up

Fashion Industry in Mumbai is highly lucrative.  If you are interested in fashion and you want to turn your passion into your profession, then there are many jobs in Mumbai to take up in the fashion industry.


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