5 Ways to Keep a Baby Cool and Comfortable in Summer

Summers can be really harsh on us and can leave an even stronger impact on newborns. The only difference is the delicacy of the skin and baby’s threshold towards heat. Babies need special attention during every extreme season and this summer season has just been too harsh to keep the focus away. Just like the winter when you make sure the baby is warm enough, summers require an extra bit of care.

Keep a Baby Cool and Comfortable in Summer

It’s a tricky situation when you look for signs in a baby to know if he/she is feeling hot or cold. Steps from your side must include keeping an eye always to determine what exactly the baby wears, drinks, does, etc. The guide is pretty strong to help you through those early days to keep the baby away from any extremities in the weather.

Dressing in the right clothes

You might have heard about it before but your choice of clothing has to be spot on when it comes to keeping a baby cool. Some cute baby girl rompers and baby boy summer t-shirts do help especially if dedicatedly made for the season. The appropriate material is cotton because of its absorbency. Clothes made from synthetic fibers must be avoided to keep the baby away from sweat. Make sure the clothes are well dried out to save the baby from prickly heat rash. Use only bright colors as darker colors absorb more heat. Keep a hat with you so that even if you need to go out in harsh sunlight it at least that’s the baby’s face.

Keeping the baby hydrated

Now, make sure that the baby is fully hydrated all day long. They get dehydrated much faster than adults which also requires replacement of wet nappies every now and then. If your baby is less than 6 months old and breastfed, there’s no need to give any extra water. Try to take enough food and water when traveling with the baby. Taste the food before giving it to him to ensure it is not spoilt while storage. Make sure the food is kept in a cool environment.

Try to stay indoors during peak hours of sunlight

If you want to go for a walk with the baby, prefer early morning or late evening time. Try to cover the seat surface with a cotton sheet or use a baby carrier. This ensures that your baby is not in direct contact with the fabric of your car seat.

Give your baby enough time without a nappy

Choose any time of the day according to convenience and take off that baby nappy. Nappies are warm in nature and contact with them can make your baby feel warmer than others even if the clothes are just fine. Any kind of nappy will be warm no matter if made of cotton or is disposable.

Give your baby some fun time in the water

Bathing is just basic. Let him have a good time in some water play. Just put the baby inside a bathtub or a baby pool with some splashes and bath toys. Remember to always keep an eye while in water. Babies can drown in even if it is a few inches deep.

No matter what, clothing with some baby girl summer dresses and baby boy summer outfits are sold exclusively in the online market. Everything else can be taken care of but this part needs some smart investment.

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