6 Beautiful Mirror Implementations for Contemporary Homes for 2018

Mirrors have been some of the most commonly used interior decoration items for a very long time now. Their benefits cover much more than just their elegant and shiny looks and they provide much-boosted functionality at the same time as well. When placed in the right places, people also use them to dress themselves up and that’s just talking about one of their advantages. Additionally, mirrors are used in compact and stuffed interior spaces to provide a wide view and also help in creating the illusion of a much bigger space than it actually is.

Over the decades, mirror manufacturing has evolved greatly and newer designs are now available that look nothing like the traditional mirrors. These new designs also have the ability to make the most modern design implementations look good and compliment them in the most efficient way possible. However, you need to be careful as to not implement too much of mirror designs and only use them where and how they look great. Installing them in suitable places when you want the additional functionality of a mirrored surface is always a good idea. If you are looking to decorate your home elegantly for the coming year, here are some beautiful mirror implementations for contemporary homes for 2018:

Full-Length Hallway Mirror                                             

Hallways are usually the first places you see in any contemporary home as soon as you cross that door. The old saying goes “first impressions are the last impressions” and you must design your hallways in a way that the whole first impression thing related to your home design gets appreciated by both you and all your visitors and guests as well. Most people usually want to look at themselves as soon as they enter a home and also the fact that hallways are not much wide in the modern space congested world, you can use full length mirrors in you hallways not only to provide a mirrored surface for everyone walking in but also widen the view much at the same time as well.

Make sure to get a full length and wide mirror for your hallway for an even better implementation. If you can, have one of the side walls completely mirrored to widen the view and make it as much functional as possible. When looking for beautiful mirror implementations in contemporary homes for 2018, hallway mirror designs have the ability to lay very strong first impression in your modern house.

Futuristic Mirror Art for the Living Room

Mirror art is something that has seen a drastic improvement in its presentation. Mirrors in the modern world are available in much-cherished designs that form an art style when installing correctly on the walls. Quality glass and mirror shop offer great quality wall mirrors in all the possible designs. They offer fully themed designs and individual small to medium sized mirrors as well where you have the option of creating your own artistic designs.

Make sure to choose small to medium sized mirrors for your artwork. A good option is also to get artistic frames for your mirror pieces and place them on the wall in a way that they look great as a full art implementation. Continual designs where all the mirror pieces form one full design is a great idea to look into as well.

Functional Framed Floor Mirror for the Bed or Dressing Room

Dressing rooms and bedrooms are places where people dress up looking at themselves all the time. Mirrors get used for more than one reasons in them, as you want to complement your design themes in those rooms and want a functional mirrored surface as well. Floor mirrors rest on a stand and are usually tall in their style and you have the option of resting them in a corner of your room for them to look good and to groom yourself in as well.

Make sure to get a nicely framed mirror with a functional and elegant stand as well. Match the color of the frame and stand with the rest of the furniture in your bed or dressing rooms in order to make them look modern and unique for the coming year. Do this nicely and this implementation will provide you with one of the more beautiful mirror implementations in contemporary homes for 2018.

Mirror Collages for Beautiful Finish

Mirrors are unique and you can mix them up in design and implementation. Mirror collages are one of those efficient implementations. If you have a tall and wide wall in any of your rooms especially the living rooms, you have the option of creating a mirror collage on it that will create the look you get from photo filters in your smartphone apps.

For this mirror collage idea, you will need small to medium sized mirrors that can be in all the different shapes or even in one shape and size depending on your personal preferences. A uniform collage with similar sized and shaped mirrors or an irregular collage with all different sized and shaped mirrors will both look good regardless of what design you choose for your college.

Futuristic One-Piece Large Mirror for Any Room

If you love the futuristic designs too much and want to make your rooms look modern in 2018 as well, the best option available in terms of mirror designs is to get a large sized mirror in a very futuristic design. Quality mirror retailers have changed their traditional ways of mirror manufacturing that has led to super cool designs for them as well. Now you can easily find those angular, multi-shaped or even when you find them deep enough, mirrors with certain building designs or the fanciest designs that make you drop your jaw as soon as you lay your eyes on them.

Installing this large mirror on any walls will not only expand the view in that particular room giving it a much wider feel even if you have implemented it on slightly smaller walls but will also look great and futuristic in 2018 and all the years to come as well. Doing this, you are future proofing your interior designs efficiently.

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