6 Facts You Should Know About Concrete Countertops

Decorating houses and improving it from time to time is something very common among the people having interest in stylizing their homes. This goes around with different implementation involving different ideas. One can buy objects and install it or just design it on-sight. One such well-known addition to your kitchen can be concrete countertops. These countertops are made with concrete materials that have been a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

Concrete and Customized 

The best effect one can get from concrete countertops is that these countertops are made with concrete which gives a solid structure and also very beautiful at the same time. It can be fixed in either small or large kitchen. You can customize the size, shape, color and also the finish you want in your kitchen. Although many people think that it can be done on their own but if you follow the factual data then it is a very complex DIY project which needs professional handling. 

Six Facts You Should Know 

If you have had enough resources on the concrete countertops and how to make it then you know that there are some unavoidable facts to build an appropriate countertop particularly for your kitchen. Following are the unavoidable eight facts you should consider before getting onto the subject of countertops build with concrete materials:

  1. Design: Homeowners can change their ideas on the required countertops depending on the various designs available in the market. They can also customize it too. The popular ones have functional features like integral sinks, drainboards and also butcher blocks. There are specific areas where you can get your countertops having backplashes and wet walls that have different colors and textures.
  2. Pre-Cast or Built on Site: There are basically two ways by which concrete countertops are built, pre-cast or built on site. If the countertop is pre-cast then the builder has to maintain the condition of the casting tables and the countertops are built separately. At the time of purchase, they are sealed and sent to the homeowner’s kitchen and installed step-by-step. Most of the contractors prefer to build the countertop on site using concrete materials. This way they can actually create a countertop exactly with the same radius, curves and corners required for the kitchen they are building it for.
  3. Materials: Most of the countertops built with concrete materials have the combination of lightweight aggregates and additives. The main material remains concrete but the mixture of other materials in varying proportions makes it more appropriate for the purpose it serves. The additives used in the countertops are often silica fume pozzolan and acrylic. These work as the fiber reinforcement in the countertops. The reinforcements that are used in these countertops are steel, fibers, wire mesh, fiberglass etc. These reinforcements can be used separately for a particular need or can be mixed to provide more flexibility to the countertop.
  4. Cure: The concrete countertops are all cured. In this sense they remain in a shape that is actually desired from them to be in the first place.
  5. Ground: Countertops made with concrete materials are often found to be grounded. Some contractor uses finer diamond polishing stones to grind the surface of these countertops. This way the upper surface looks more polished and beautiful at the same time. The durability is also found to be increased after using this method of polishing.
  6. Always Sealed: Every concrete countertop must be sealed. But it depends on the contractor on what method or how many coats of sealer can be used for this purpose. If someone prefers quality above price then applying epoxy sealers is the right decision. It is even harder than the concrete and takes about one week for applying another coat over the first one.
Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

These are the important data you should follow when considering concrete countertops. If you stay up-to-date on any information on these countertops only then you can pick the best quality for yourself.

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