Amazing facts about loneliness


Facts About Loneliness

Karl Marx’s famous quote ‘human is a social being’ symbolizes the long and complex history of human beings’ yearning for socialization. However, as far as people who suffer from loneliness are concerned, the term socialization is nearly nonexistent in their vocabulary. While you can theorize about the varying causes of their loneliness, each one of them is bound to have their own peculiar reason for feeling depressed. So, what exactly do those people afflicted with loneliness go through that distinguish them from the rest of us?

Loneliness and Social isolation 

Social isolation in Loneliness

Before learning about loneliness and its causes, it is pertinent to draw distinction between mere loneliness and social isolation. Loneliness may be an inherent characteristic of human personality whereas social isolation is often self-inflicted and is considered relatively more detrimental to the constitution of an individual. What those people suffering from loneliness need to make is that their social connectedness remain active.

Where does the Homesickness fit in?

homesickness in Loneliness

While not the most dreadful form of loneliness, Homesickness is felt by a great number of people when they are away from home. Even though homesickness is widely considered to be a harmless by many, there have been many cases of it rendering people incurably depressed. If not dealt with in a timely fashion, homesickness could put you in vicious circle from which there is no getting away. The idea of homesickness has undergone a lot of transformation from being considered a fatal disease to being associated with nursery going children.

Loneliness immortalize inanimate objects

loneliness immortalize inanimate objects

So, what is this thing that lonely people have for inanimate objects? Studies have proved that if you are lonely, you are more likely to find solace in being close to dolls and avatars by imagining them as sentient objects. The study even establishes how certain types of mood shape the way to view objects. It is universally accepted truth that people get creeps out of robots and masked objects, this sense of fear is however   absent among lonely people, which in turn helps them to find the inanimate objects to be sentient.

Loneliness is as contagious as disease

Loneliness is as contagious as disease

We are now acutely aware of the number of diseases that spread at insane speed but little do we know about the contagious nature of loneliness. Perhaps our lack of knowledge about this matter has got to do with the general tendency to view loneliness as a condition and not as discease. Lonely people are believed to have the habit of saddening themselves by trying to preempt actions that are bound to hurt them.

Distinct functionality of brain

Distinct functionality of brain

Studies have proved with some justification that lonely people think in a distinctly different manner in comparison to those who do not suffer from loneliness. In addition to shaping an individual’s perception of world at large, loneliness also play’s an instrumental role in the development of his or her socio-cultural relation. Learning about the functionality of our brain could help you deal with all forms of loneliness.

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