Awesomeness in a Shoestring Budget: 9 Affordable Design Ideas for a Kid’s Bedroom

Not many parents have the creativity, space, and money to provide their kids a splendid and extraordinary bedroom. Parents who are like this think of practicality, and they go for bedroom essentials that will last and not break their budget. This is not a bad idea and, luckily, there are a lot of ways to make kid’s bedroom awesome in a tight budget.

Whether it is a mix-colored storage solutions, a nifty treatment of wall coverings, or a bang-up paint job, you will not be short of fun and almost free design ideas to liven up the kids bedroom.

These design ideas below are simple tweaks and trick that will not cost you big money, but they can have a big impact on a room’s style. If you are bent on doing the job, take time to read this article.

A Vibrant Cube Storage

A cube storage is not only for storage, it can also double as a stylish room decor. A wall with storage cubes is excellent for displaying pretty kid’s collection such as toys and books.

If you love do-it-yourself projects, you can attach boxes against the wall and lick it with colorful leftover paint to fill in the backs in lively colors.

Wall Sticker for the Win

Break up a blank space in your child’s room with a wall sticker. You can find a great deal of fun and attractive designs in the market today, so you can choose best what reflects your kid’s wants and likes. Wall stickers are also easier to put up than a roll of wallpaper.

Or You can Make the Wall as a Giant Drawing Book

If you do not want wall stickers, you can opt for a draw-on frames wallpaper. This type of wallpaper will let you or your kid trace an outline of a picture and draw on the wall. Aside from letting the personality of your child show on the wall, it is also a good way to let the creative faculty of your child run wild.

Simple Underbed Storage

Go for a kid-sized bunk bed for your child’s bedroom to take advantage of the space you have available. Bunk beds are excellent furniture pieces to avoid clutter in the room because you can just slip easily storage boxes on caster under them for a practical storage idea.

Arrange a Colorful Pillows

The best and easy way to create some style to a child’s room is to accessorize it with patterns. For example, having an addition of vibrant and colorful pillows is sure to make the room come to life. You can then complement this cheerful arrangement of pillows with a stylish rug to create a pleasant kid’s space.

Get Creative with Pom-Poms

Pom-poms made with colorful tissues are not only a party favorite, but they can also provide vitality and glamour to your kid’s bedroom. You can try mixing various size poms and tissue paper in different shades of the same color to have a maximum effect on the room’s overall design, and hang it near the ceiling.

Do a Headboard Revamp

There are a lot of ways to make your headboard achieve some touch of style. For example, you can hang a patterned bedspread or a colorful pillow to create a vibrant feature.

Or, you can have another do-it-yourself project by accessing materials such as a foam, fabric glue, and a medium density fiberboard to create the design of your kid’s headboard. For example, can have a simple and classic, white, tufted headboard that your child can grow with over the years.

Do Not Forget the Curtains

Try to liven up the plain and old curtains in your kid’s room at hardly any cost. You can cut out various shapes from different fabric remnants and stitch them onto the space of the curtains. Checks, stripes, and spots with different colors are simple yet excellent designs. Make sure to leave the edges to add interest.

Layer the New with the Old

Rather than buy a matching furniture set, you can use old pieces accumulated over time. Aside from the savings you can get, it is also a great way to mix different furniture pieces to create an eclectic look, as if layering the new with the old.Takeaway

Creating the ideal bedroom design for your kid is a noble project. When doing it, make sure to make it interesting and attractive. You can follow the tips above for this purpose. You can have a vibrant cube storage, wall stickers, colorful pillows, a simple storage under bunk beds, and more, to make it a kid’s room like no other

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