Beauty Secrets That Girls Should Steal From Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez beauty tips

Jacqueline Fernandez came in the limelight after her film Murder 2 in 2011 and she became more popular with the blockbuster hit Kick with Salman Khan in 2014. Before enter into the Bollywood, Jacqueline was crowned Miss Sri Lanka in 2006. This stunning diva made one of her famous film Roy with Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in 2015. The figure and glowing skin of Jacqueline is fabulous and attractive. This article brings you the secrets behind the beauty and fitness of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline’s Skin Care Routine

Jacqueline’s Skin Care tips
Jacqueline is very open and ready to share the secrets of her beauty with her friends and fans. She starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with a spoon of apple cider vinegar. Then she properly washes her face with Cetaphil face wash and applies a La Prairie moisturizer. She gave more importance to proper cleansing and toning of her skin. As a teenager she had an acne problem. Thus, she stresses a lot on the importance of proper cleansing and toning for her skin. Jacqueline mainly use Dermalogica products especially for eye and lip applying creams. She also uses home made face packs to soften her skin such as a mix of honey and yogurt and at times she use honey as lip balm. Jacqueline always carries fruity-smelling body moisturiser, lip balm and hand sanitizer. She also uses ice cubes wrapped with tissues or thin cloth on her cheeks and eyes.

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Jacqueline’s Makeup Routine

Jacqueline’s Makeup Routine
Jacqueline likes to use a primer before applying make up on her face. She uses Bobbi Brown colour eye liner and bright colour lip balms such as red, pink and peach. She loves to use Vanilla Body Mist and Brazil Nut Body Butter of Body Shop. When consider the fragrance, she says that Issey Miyake is her favourite scent and she also likes rose fragrance of L’Occitane. Jacqueline believes that sleep with the make up is one of the big mistakes you can ever make to spoil your skin.

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Jacqueline’s Diet and Fitness Routine

Jacqueline’s Diet and Fitness Routine
“Take care of yourself by eating right, sleeping right and exercising regularly! These are the only rules I swear by. If you follow this religiously and use the right products, your skin and hair will thank you”, says Jacqueline. She follows natural diet plan. Jacqueline divided her meal plan into three parts- carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables- a mix of rice, beans, fried veggies with salad. She avoids sugar and always carries nutri balls of dry fruits and seeds. Jacqueline also includes green veggies in her diet.

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Jacqueline’s Hair Care Routine

Jacqueline’s Hair Care Routine
Jacqueline knows very well about what suits her hair. She uses beer to wash her hair and home made egg white mask for getting perfect shining. She also uses hair mask of Kerastase and massages her hair with hot coconut oil.  Jacqueline uses the products of Kerastase on her hair and she takes foods rich in omega-3, flax seeds, nuts and zinc supplements.

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