How beginners choose steroids?

The steroid is a synthetic derivative which is used for bulking, cutting cycles. But, choosing the right steroid for a right person is not at all a simple matter. It needs more research. Since steroids possess both anabolic and androgenic effects, the downside effects will be more. And, we could say that everyone will not have the adaptability to such drugs. When you consider such anabolic androgenic drugs, the androgenic property will be more than anabolic traits. The strong androgenic property increases the bulk muscle mass, whereas anabolic property is integrated with metabolism. One thing is to consider that women will be more sensitive to anabolic androgenic drugs than men. So, their dose of AAS will be lesser than men’s dose.  There are different types of steroids with different ingredients. So, according to one’s need and goal, the AAS should be chosen. Steroids are available in different forms to say pills, capsules, gel, liquid, patches, injection, powder. Mostly, people will prefer to the pill, because it is easy to handle and measure. Though injections are powerful results producers still it has more side effects along with pain.


Beginners and steroids:

The steroid is common for everyone. Typically, in the bodybuilding community, the drugs are used to bulk with low body fat levels which are naturally a tough matter. That’s why the people started to use the drugs to excel in competitions. Most of the steroids are derived from the male hormone testosterone. This process is done synthetically in laboratories. However, it is to be noted that people who are under 21 years should not use such steroids as it affects the growth. The most frequently asked questions are which is the best steroid for beginners? What are the dose and cycle? How would be the result after taking a particular AAS? The answers to such questions are it depends on the type of steroid which you select, depends on the steroid type the dose and cycle fall; the result varies person to person. Hence, beginners should be cautious about handling steroids and they should interact with the professionals before going for any AAS cycle.

Steroid cycles:

Testosterone, the recommended steroid for men who have not exposed to steroid cycles yet. Most of the healthy adults are well tolerable with this AAS as it is naturally produced in their body. Women, as beginners, start with the mild androgenic steroid Anavar and they can build tolerance for the AAS over time. Here is a sample cycle of bodybuilding steroids for beginners.

  • Dianabol – 30 to 50 mg per day – up to 6 weeks
  • Deca Durabolin – 200-400 mg per day – up to 12 weeks
  • Testosterone – 500-750 mg per day – up to 16 weeks

Along with such drugs a proper diet plan, exercise regimen should be followed in order to attain the entire benefit of the AAS. Generally, when the dose exceeds some adverse side effects will be seen, whereas some people will face difficulties even at the lower dose. The most common side effects are changes in lipid profile, libido changes, acne, headaches, nausea, excessive hair growth, etc., The most frequently asked questions by beginners will be exactly answered by any steroids for beginners guide.

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