Benefits of a weighted vest

weighted vest

They say that good things come to those who sweat. Every person in this world wants to be physically fit but doesn’t have the proper knowledge and equipment to do so. There are so many ways to be fit and healthy. You can go to the gym, purchase your exercise equipment at home or try different means of work out. There is this new trend similar to a body armor that will give you adequate training—the weight vests. Wearing bulky jackets is a specialized training that comes with significant benefits for our body.

You might raise your eyebrows by now, and you got thinking, “This is cool! But, is this effective?” In this article, your questions will be resolved while having a broad understanding about weight vests.

So, here we go.

What are weighted vests?

Weight vests are just like ordinary garments that people wear. It is worn out over the trunk and consists of a different amount of weight. It is a jacket equipped with heavy objects with small pockets filled with little sand bags and steel bars. The purpose of this one of a kind vest is to give additional weight for bodyweight exercises. You can wear this jacket while walking or having a quick run or drill. You can also perform a broad range of exercises like rope climbing, pull-ups, and sit-ups. The research shows that using this kind of vest can produce more power that can improve your ability, speed during running, strength, and effectiveness. In fact, just simply wearing this jacket can increase your metabolic costs or calorie burn. You can put this vest on you whether it is a 10-pound vest, 20-30 pound or a large hard work jacket with 40-50 lb. Whatever weight you put on, it is guaranteed that you can benefit from it. Like most people say No pain, no gain.


The benefits of wearing bulky vests

  1. 1. An add-on on your resistance training—this is perfect equipment if you are looking for high strength, power and mass work out. When resistance training combines with wearing a weight vest, visible progress, and better results will occur.
  2. 2. A unique tool for work out—this vest is an exceptional tool that you can use to improve your body. The more unique the work out is, the more chances that it is productive and fruitful. Our body usually is not readily prepared for new kind of exercise and when experiences such kind might result in high strength and it is called adaptation.
  3. 3. A cardio exercise—that sort of training takes cardio work out to the new level. If you were running on your own doesn’t make you fit at all, trying to run with weight vests with 50 lb weight can ensure development on your abdomen even just only for weeks.
  4. 4. Perfect for balance and posture—when using such vests, you can ensure that there would be development in your balance and posture. It is good in your balance because the weights that were put on the vest will be a load on your upper body. When you surpass, wearing it over time, then it is a good indication that you have better equilibrium. Moreover, having good posture is essential in avoiding painful back problems in the future.

There are just a few things to remember if you want to use weight vests as your means of exercise. You should be aware of your fitness level, the concentration, length of time and movement each day of work-out and how much weight you can bear.

Having a fit body is our pride. The body can achieve what the mind believes. Then, if your mind says yes in wearing heavy weights, then there is a high chance that you can improve your overall physical, mental and emotional aspect. Simply because you believe that you can do so.





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