Initiating a startupentails many risks and requires a lot of patience. To succeed on the path of entrepreneurship, one best advice is to learn from the experiences of others.

Today, in this post, we share a series of advice from the founders and entrepreneurs of successful businesses that can help young, first-time startup CEO cope with the challenges. Have a look!

  1. Be a true CEO

It’s about taking responsibility from the start. If you find yourself in the diatribe between the media repercussion or the business, what would you do? A good CEO would undoubtedly go towards what generates results.

  1. Learn to delegate

Allow yourself not to fall into the micro-management and delegates are to lose sight in the rearview mirror how the tasks are being carried out. Your company has to grow but your team has to develop professionally to help you achieve your goal. Do your best because they assume responsibilities, take risks and endorse the company’s philosophy.

  1. Keep the vision of your business

Your role is to create the vision of the company, make the team share it, and watch over it. The strategic vision is not achieved in a single exercise, so a good CEO is one who knows how to implement along the way those improvements that make the vision grow to take the business to higher levels.

  1. Assume fears and stress

The current context is complicated and the team has to be fully motivated. Take the pressure of the environment and do not let the complications cloud creativity and peace of the team to achieve maximum performance.

  1. Be a good communicator

Being able to transmit your passion and your energy on a daily basis should be one of your fundamental management levers. Be clear, direct and make each new project a great challenge for the team. Be respectful and try to do your best to show confidence and build trust. Learn also to assume your mistakes.

  1. Get ready for improvisation: “shit happens “

You will face unexpected situations. Prepare for the worst and to make the most drastic decisions. It is your responsibility and you must act as quickly as possible.

  1. Learn every day

You will be the best leader dressed in the humility necessary to know that learning from mistakes every day and correcting is fundamental in the day to day of your management. It is impossible for you to know everything about any aspect that underlies the business. You will learn along the way. Meanwhile, do your best to surround yourself with a good team of collaborators, partners and mentors.

Follow these simple pieces of advice and make your business the next big success. Take a great start and make the right decisions. Good Luck!

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