Best Kitchen Decor Ideas to Make Your Home A Happy Abode

Setting up a new home is one of the most tiring yet interesting jobs ever. Starting from the living room to the master bedroom, everything has to be perfect to make your dream house come true. Usually, it is fun planning the whole decor, but sometimes, it might get a little tough and for those moments, one needs proper guidance. Planning the kitchen is important, as there’s so much on the plate. Every design is unique and made for a particular type. It does not matter if your kitchen is a small space or a large open area; here’s the guideline to get your perfect, dream cooking space.


Reasons Why You Need Kitchen Decor

 Who does not like beautiful apartments with a vibrant kitchen area? Kitchens should be a happy place because this is where all the delicious delicacies are prepared. A beautiful kitchen will give you the good vibe to cook more often. The peaceful pretty decorations will attract you every time to try something new. Moreover, this room is quite an essential part of your house; so why keep it shabby? Nevertheless, beautiful kitchens are the portal to gain goodwill and compliments from your guests. Small apartments are usually all cozy and charming, but they tend to lack when it comes to this particular space. But there’s nothing to worry, as it is all about working on the kitchens design layout to make it look small yet fantastic.

  • G-shaped kitchen- This is also known as the peninsula. This very layout has an extra counter which usually extends from a U-shaped kitchen. This extra counter can be used as a seating area. You can just place some bar tools and there you go! You have a beautiful cozyspace. You can use beautiful pendant lights to make it gleam. 
  • L-shaped kitchen- This layout makes use of the single corners because of its structure,which is perpendicular. The blank wall can be used to install shelves,a table or a counter even. If space is narrow, a folding table is a key. You can make it look sleek by putting things together with panel-ready appliances to get the perfect minimalistic look. 
  • U-shaped kitchen- This is also known as the horseshoe layout. This style offers a wide counter space and under-counter storage. You can bring in a beautiful island which can be rolled out once dinner is ready. Use light paint, preferably white, to make space lighten up- as the cabinetry might make it dark. To spark it up, you can even install a pot rack for all those bulky utensils.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Kitchen:


  1. Have Wide Walkway Spaces– Paths should facilitate easy movement and should be at least 36 inches wide. If there’s a path within the arena of the cooking zone, they should be at least 42 inches wide for facilitating smooth movement.

  2. Your Microwave Should Be the Right Height– Your microwave should be positioned at the correct space and height. 15 inches above the countertop level is good for adults.
  3.  Install Numerous Plug Points– Multiple plug points and their installation will be a boon for you to enjoy on a long-termbasis so that you’ve electricity whenever you need it.
  4. If Your Kitchen is Small, Use Light Colors– The problem with using dark colors in smaller spaces is to shrink an already cramped up space and make it look smaller. Soft shades and natural lights would intend to expand a small kitchen space.

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