Why Builders Need Commercial RO Plants

RO Plants

Safe drinking water is one of the life’s essential requirements, one of that is essential for life itself. Unfortunately, it is today as good as a precious commodity. With the pitiful standard of water supplied by municipal authorities, the average person today is forced to make his/her arrangements. Either we have to invest in a water purifying technology or get into the hassle of buying it for our everyday need.

An easy solution is to install RO plants in housing societies. In fact, many housing societies have already made RO plants a part of their water conservation and purification infrastructure. Now premium builders are looking at commercial RO plant manufacturers for a more comprehensive water management system.

Why go for commercial RO plants in housing societies?

Applicable in places with erratic water supply: RO water cleansing is perhaps the most effective water classing system we have today. Portable RO units are even used by some Army units to ensure drinking water for their personnel in inhospitable terrain. As we look to establish housing options in far flung areas where municipal water is not always available, RO is often the only solution.

Treating hard water: An RO system can be extremely effective in treating hard water. It also removes the unpleasant taste that one gets from hard water. However, for better results manufacturers recommend using water softener before treating the water in an RO system. While the water softener will add to the softening process, the RO will ensure that contaminants are removed.

Removing contaminants: The RO technology is considered one of the best technologies when it comes to removing contaminants from water. In a country where even municipal water has traces of contaminants, RO plants are essential in ensuring that the water is purified before it reaches the residents’ homes.

Desalination: Given the scarcity of fresh water, many residential complexes are forced to adopt other measures. However, other sources often require desalination and this is where RO comes in. Commercial RO plants are often used in coastal areas for desalination purposes and now commercial RO plant manufacturers are applying the same process at a slightly smaller scale for residential complexes.

Part of a self-reliant water infrastructure: With erratic water supply, more and more societies are now moving towards creating a more self-reliant infrastructure. Water scarcity has hit almost every region in India and even a premium society at the center of a big city is not exempt from it. As pressure on water supply sources increases every day, our municipal bodies are simply incapable of meeting the required challenge.

As a result, many large residential societies have taken proactive measure to ensure water conservation and regular supply. An RO plant in a society is part of this infrastructure. It is necessary to filter water sourced from alternative means like the bore well. Water from such sources often carries impurities and a distinct odor. RO plants remove both these characteristics.

Cost effective: Today almost every house is forced to install an RO system at home. But when we centralize the plant, we take away the need for an RO machine at every home. When builders get commercial RO plant manufacturers install a central RO plant, they do just that. The cost divided among residents is much lower than the individual cost to each household. The cost includes power consumption and regular maintenance. Expenses for community RO plants are lowered because it is distributed among various residents.

Environmental benefit: RO machines take power to run and an every house running an RO machine multiplies this cost. A central plant’s expense is much lower. Not just that, many manufacturers are today focusing on developing systems that are much more energy efficient, further reducing the energy consumption.

Builder USP: With water availability a major concern for any prospective buyer, an RO plant is an unbeatable USP. It ensures the buyer of safe drinking water. Many buyers are also attracted to the savings on individual units.


Many modern builders are now partnering with commercial RO plant manufacturers to set up central RO unit. RO plants are now part of a number of residential societies in big cities, smaller colonies, and other such communities. The benefits of such plants are multiple — from ensuring clean drinking water to establishing a self-reliant community.

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