Camera Review: Lenovo Phab 2 is Great, Affordable Android Phone

Phablets have been around in the market for a while now. The gadget is a smartphone cum tablet and helps in ease of use for many functions that require a bigger screen. These functions can be binge-watching videos, playing games and reading. A larger screen just makes it all more beautiful and convenient. Many smartphone brands have launched their own versions of Phablets, Lenovo is one of them.

Camera Review for Lenovo Phab 2

Lenovo has been rising up in the market since its inception in 1984 in Beijing. The company has been offering quality products at the best prices in the market with the support of the companies it has acquired.

Lenovo has acquired IBM and Motorola in 2005 and 2014 respectively. The acquisition of IBM led towards the launch of products in the computer’s line, and after acquiring Motorola, the company has been offering excellent smartphones in the market. Lenovo has been manufacturing smartphones in the market since 2011. In 2016, it launched a Phablet called Lenovo Phab 2. Apart from its 6.4 inches of HD display, one of the major features of this phablet is its camera.

Camera Review for Lenovo Phab 2

Lenovo Phab 2 features are hard to miss if you are looking forward to buying a phablet. It has a wide range of features in the affordable range of 10,000 INR. The camera of Lenovo Phab 2 is a center of attraction because of its quality and clarity in pictures. The camera functions very well as it is a dual camera with an LED flash that brings out the best image of your most beautiful memories.

The rear camera of the phone is a 13 Mega Pixel dual camera that enables you to take clear pictures with the required depth in them. The dual camera feature allows you to focus on the subject of the photograph and blur the background. This makes the subject look clear and beautiful with the background being subtle.

The camera in Lenovo Phab 2 is supported by Fujitsu company’s Milbeaut image signal processor. This signal processor enables the camera to be excellent at autofocus and phase detection. These features further sharpen and improve the image quality to a large extent giving out impressive results. When it comes to the camera app, the phone doesn’t disappoint there either, the app is highly user-friendly and simplifies the photography experience. It is very easy to use the app with camera switching, HDR settings and flash on the right side. The left side of the screen helps to change camera modes (video and image) and camera shutter.

Other major features of the camera include night mode, AR mode, pro mode, and panorama photography. You can explore your photography skills by using these different modes. The unique feature among these is the AR mode that helps to give the subject of the image a realistic feel and touch. The only drawbacks of the camera are speed and optical image stabilization.

The camera takes a few seconds to process after it is clicked using the camera shutter button, this can be annoying if you are clicking multiple pictures. When it comes to optical image stabilization of the phone, it is also rather weak, and you need steady hands to click a non-blurry image. If you do not have steady hands, you will not be able to get the focus of the image right.

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