Celebrities And Their Favourite Movies

Actors obsession to the movies

We all have list of favourite movies. Some of us have the distinction of watching our favourite movie repeatedly. Considering how difficult a task it is to choosing a favourite movie, you will be given some time to delve into endless list of movies you have watched. While trying to make up our minds about your favourite movie of all time, let us also see some of the favourite movies held in high regard by celebrities.

Vin Diesel Goes Old School

Vin diesel in his latest movie

One would think twice about messing with Vin Diesel. The Hollywood star renowned as the leading actor in Fast and Furious series was quick to uphold ‘Gone with the Wind’ as his favourite movie of all time. While not the first choice of movie among the actors fraternity across Hollywood, Gone with the wind remains to be one of the widely acclaimed film with a cult following. Not many would have expected Diesel to be interested in a Hollywood classic considering how the actor is constantly associated with action movies.

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Christian Bale’s Obsession Ninjas

Christian bale batman actor

Christian Bale’s revelations about his favourite movie shed light on his eccentric fascination for martial arts. Batman actor, who grabbed headlines for his Kung fu exploits in the Dark Knight franchise, has pointed out Beverley hills Ninja as his ultimate source of inspiration. Be that as it may, the 1997 movie which features the likes of Chris Farley is least likely to be taken seriously by the Kung Fu enthusiasts. Since Christian bale is fervently idealizing the Kung Fu credentials of the movies, we have to give some credence to the movie’s pretensions to being inspirational.

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James Franco’s Bicycle Thieves

James Franco favourite movie

Not many could have envisaged Franco’s admiration for the French Realism movie Bicycle thieves. Unravelling against a war torn Italy after the Second World War, movie portrays the story of the Italian who is in search for his lost bicycle. The famous Hollywood star has expressed his desire for exploring unhidden gems in the world of movies.

Mark Wahlberg And Citizen Kane

Mark Wahlberg's favourite movie

The 44 year old actor is perhaps widely known for playing the lead character in Ted movie. Very few must have been aware of the Hollywood actor’s love for serious movies. Mark Walhberg has apparently cited no less than Citizen Kane as the movie he cherishes the most. Directed by the enigmatic Orson Welles Citizen Cane scooped one academy awards for best screen writing and is considered a timeless classic in Hollywood even to this day.

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Morgan Freeman’s Love For Moulin Rouge

Morgan Freeman favorite movie

The African American veteran actor who is famous for playing the character ‘red’ in Shaw shank Redemption, may not be the first person to come into your mind while thinking about Moulin Rouge. Well, it turns out 78 years old actor has been obsessed with Moulin Rouge for a while now. Freeman was one of the many to be enchanted by magic wielded by Moulin rouge which was released in 2001 to a widespread critical acclaim across the movie world.

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