Why You Should Consider Cutting on Your Cleansers

Well, it is hard for most people to believe that the skin could look better without washing with cleansers or applying makeup. However, studies have shown that it is possible for some skins to look even better if we just use water alone without any masks, exfoliants or cleansers. Some women are now confessing that their complexions look better and with no blemish when they only use water to rinse their faces rather than deep cleaning.

Now, could avoiding using cleansers in cleaning the face develop into a trend? Well, from the recent reports rinse-only facial regimen can as well grow into a movement like the one that advocates minimizing the use of shampoo for healthier strands and scalps. However, this is not to say that all dermatologists approve this discovery.


What Do Skin Experts Say About Avoiding Washing Your Face?

Some of the dermatologists are hesitant about being drawn into no face wash bandwagon, while for others the answers were not clear. According to Gary Goldenberg, a New York City-based skin expert, there is no benefit of using water without a cleanser. This is because our skin is continuously exposed to harmful pollutants, dirt and sweat, which cannot be easily cleaned with water alone. These substances can cause blemishes and acne, clog pores, irritate your skin and increase the appearance of the aging signs if they are not washed properly.

However, some of the dermatologists are a bit lenient about cutting out the use of washing products in cleaning our faces. Joshua Zeichner, a skin expert based in New York City advises on the benefits of choosing the right cleansers as they can effectively remove oil and the dirt from your skin. On the other hand, using the wrong cleanser can damage the outer skin layer, which could lead to inflammation. It is, however, adequate to wash your face with water only in some cases unless your skin has visible dirt or you have been sweating heavily.

Dermatologists also argue that having a healthy skin depends on several factors in addition to the products that you decide to use or not to use. This depends on the subtle alchemy of factors that include your skin type, hormone, genetics and your environment as well as the activity level. Therefore, despite the common belief that one must use a cleanser in the morning and the evening, your skin can clean and exfoliate itself naturally.

Moreover, studies have shown that some women who are from parts of the world where there is less adequate, or no running water have healthier looking faces. This is even though they rarely or never wash their faces as compared to those women who regularly use cleansers for deep cleaning. Besides, these women have no increase in skin infection or other skin conditions as many have soft, beautiful and more moisturized skin.

What are the Benefits of Cutting out Cleansers on Your Skin Washing?

With so many conflicting opinions about cutting on cleansers, it might be a bit confusing for most people on whether to lather the water or not when cleaning. The following are the benefits that will help you decide whether to ditch those cleansers:

  • Retains More Moisture on Your Face

Using water alone without cleansers to wash your face helps in maintaining more moisture on your skin. This because rinsing with plain water prevents skin dryness and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. However, this might lead to undesirable results if you are wearing makeup.

This is because water might not be useful in removing the makeup trapped against your skin, which could cause oxidative damage. Oxidative damage leads to the development of signs of premature aging on your face. Therefore, it is advisable to use mild cleansers in the evening to remove the makeup in the evening and then just rinse your face with water in the mornings.

It is also important to occasionally use warm water as it helps in reducing clogging of the pores as it reduces accumulation of oils on your skin as well as exfoliating the dead skin cells.

  • Cleansers Can Aggravate Your Skin

Most cleansers cause skin dryness, which might not be a big issue when our bodies are young as they produce enough oil. However, when we hit 30 years, it becomes hard to handle these cleansers regularly because our bodies now start producing less oil. Skin dryness might be a clear sign that you need to lay off the cleansers and embrace rinsing your face with water.

  • Does Not Lead to Over-Exfoliating

Using warm or chilly water regularly can significantly help in exfoliating our skin with pose a risk of over-exfoliating, which might result from even the best cleansers. Therefore, if you find that using certain exfoliators or scrubs make your face feel squeaky clean, then this could mean that you may be stripping the lipids that protect your skin. In this case, you can consider rinsing your face with just water to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

  • Prevents You from Using Unnecessary Products

It is good to understand that some people do not experience skin breakouts due to their genetics while other may produce less oil. Therefore, if you are such people, then you will find out that your skin will look healthier if you lay off your cleanser.

  • Allows Your Skin the Much-Needed Break

The overuse of some products such as cleansers or anti-aging ingredients such as retinol may cause skin dryness and premature aging signs. Therefore, it is essential to take a break from such products occasionally, as this will allow the skin to maintain the ideal oil content and thus protect from having a dull complexion.


In conclusion, most dermatologists recommend using mild cleansers at night and then use just water in the morning for those who are seeking a low-maintenance plan. However, studies have shown that excessive use of cleansers or other skin products affects the ability of the skin to retain the much-needed moisture. This explains why you should consider putting on the use of cleansers and rinse your face with just cold or warm water.


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