The content-based world and is Vidmate freely available?

Videos are the most favourite of some of the users of the smartphone as they can learn a lot of things and improve their knowledge as well as skills. Though the market has end number of smartphones which are loaded with apps that display different videos, when it comes to downloading them on the device, the restriction of the platform becomes a big hurdle. With the deep penetration of smartphones and access to cheap and fast internet, the consumers are moving to a content-based world. Be it video or GIFs or memes; you name it all; the rise of content is phenomenal. But in spite of these dynamical changes in the technological infrastructure, people still love to store these videos, with the hope of watching it again and again. The biggest problem here is they cannot save it on their device as the platform of the video does not allow it.


Storing or bookmarking links of your favourite content is quite the norm, but it doesn’t work very well the current set of consumers in India. People love easier access to their favourite content, owing to which there is a rise in a large number of apps that help you store content locally on your device. One such app that has changed the market altogether is Vidmate.

About Vidmate

The software can download content (most likely video) from any other website. Content-rich platforms that are one click away, you name the platform, and there is no such website the application doesn’t work.

  • If you want to download the videos in specific format and quality, starting from 144 pixels to full HD, and then share the funny ones with your friends or family, you can also do so here.
  • The app has had more than 85,000 downloads on the Google play store with an astounding rating of 4.3.
  • The intuitive yet simple design of the app allows the user to browse the internet with their in-built browser and download or save any format locally on your smartphone or SD memory card.
  • More interestingly the company wants to keep Vidmate app free download, making it accessible for all.

The marketer’s perspective

Keeping aside the consumer perspective, if we look through the marketers’ lenses, we will find how important video has become today in the quest of viral marketing techniques. Great content can feel the nerve of its audience can reach millions of users in a few days. Provided proper branding methods, it can help the content creator – be it a single individual or a huge company with numerous employees, make people connect more easily with the creator.

One such example of this is that companies are paying hefty amounts to content creators on popular platforms that have a huge following. These creators strategically place advertisements throughout the content without losing their humour and charm. While a tech-oriented company can approach a technical blogger or video creator, a cosmetic company may approach a content creator who blogs about makeup tips.

Keeping the technical stuff aside, keep watching and keep enjoying from!

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