Correlations Between Your Eyes And Biology

Correlation of eye and biology

Eyes play a central role in humans’ lives. They can be considered the prism through which one is able to the view the world in different hues and colours. Be that as it may, what do your eyes speak about you as an individual? Do the colour characteristics and shapes of your eyes determine your personal attributes? This article attempts to explore, if not establish, the long history of eyes with regard to its biological correlations.

Blue Eyes And The Common Ancestor

Beautiful blue eyes

Blue eyes certainly posses quite a distinguishing quality. For long beautiful blues eyes have been associated with the inhabitants of Europe and Eurasia. Now the scientist have evidence indicating that blue eyed people have a common progenitor who inhabited he Baltic sea location over 10,000 years ago. It has also been established that prior to a radical genetic transformation all humans had blue eyes. According to the scientific study, blues eyes originated following a genetic mutation of OCA2.

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Men And Women Possess Different Visual Perception

Eyes of men and women

Even the ways in which men and women see things differ. The scientific studies emerging from Brooklyn hunter colleges suggest that men have rather sensitive perception of things, where as women are capable of attending to the most nuanced details of colours. Study was carried out with the intention of making distinction between women and men’s vision. It turned out that men required deeper wave length of colour and exhibited comparatively lesser sensitivity to colours than women.

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Your Eye Colour And Macular Degeneration

macular degeneration of eye

Genetics play a massive role in determining your health condition. Studies have discovered that macular degeneration stems mostly from varied colour of eye and other physiological damages. It is worth noting that affliction of the condition relies greatly on the ethnicity and mental related traits of the individual. The evidence should be suffice to prove that blued eyed inhabitants of Europe and Scandinavian countries are more predisposed to developing macular degeneration condition in comparison with dark eyed individuals of different nationalities.

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Diversity Of Tears

Diversity of tears in different people

Tears are invariably associated with a profound variety of emotions. Basin tears however has very little to do with any emotion. Its function is to envelop the surface of your eye with sufficient moisture. Of course there are other forms of tears which are formed due to the experience of physical pain or from the presence of a wide range of objects. Then you have the most common type of tears which result from numerous emotions including sadness, depression and stress.

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Cataracts Are Indicative Of Age

Cataract is a major cause of blindness

Cataracts have been one of the leading causes of blindness across the globe. Surfacing of Cataracts are however, more suggestive of your age than any deceases. Growing vulnerability to visuals and impaired vision can be considered the archetypal characteristics of cataract decease. While ageing is a major factor in the affliction of cataracts, the younger people are equally prone to the decease. Inclusion of higher vitamin E in your diet could reduce the cataracts risks.

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