What is a CT scan and how to choose a good CT scan center in Bangalore?

What is a CT scan?

Computer tomography popularly known as CAT or CT scan is a radiology procedure, using which the doctors and physicians can see and understand any kind of aberration inside one’s body. One can get any part of their body scanned by the CT scanning, to identify any tissue, bone or organ related issue. The overall procedure is a combination of computer imaging and x-ray. One can say that it is a high-end version of the x-ray machine which gives way more detailed and precise images as compared to a normal x-ray machine.

The CT scanning process is easy and doctors and radiologists guide one through every step. One cannot eat or drink for certain before getting a scan. Before the scanning process will start, one has to remove every metal object from their body otherwise it will interfere with the x-rays. One will then lie down on abed which will slowly pass through the CT scan machine. Moving can disrupt and blur the scan images, thus patients are advised not to move.

What is the working of a CT scan?

One can say that CT scans are the advanced version of x-rays. In both of them, the x-ray takes images of the organs and bones showing various elements and components of the internal body part. However, on a general x-ray, the images are overlapped, not giving a clear picture of the internal body parts. One part may obstruct the image of the other part.

But in act scan, the x-ray tubes rotate around the body so that it can take multiple pictures from multiple angles. And then the computer system groups these images and create new ones by removing the overlapping organs. This way one can get a clear and precise picture of the internal body parts without any obstruction. This helps the doctors to recognize any problem in the shape and size of an organ or if there is any kind of injury or tissue growth inside the body. Some of the best CT scan centers in Bangalore also uses the contrast scanning, in which a certain contrast element is injected into the patient’s body to get more clear and vivid images.

What are the advantages of CT scan?

Instead of taking the long road to get a certain problem diagnosed, CT scan tends to do this in a quick manner. Most of the diagnostic process in lengthy thus it can lengthen the entire hospitalization, exploratory time period. But to avoid all this one can get a CT scan which is fast and painless and one will not even have to be hospitalized for it. it can also help one avoid diagnostic surgeries and also to guide one towards a better patient placement in the cases of emergencies and accidents.

What are the uses of a CT scan?

CT scans have become one of the handiest ways to diagnose various problems, and that is the reason why the applications of a CT scan is increasing in the medical and healthcare industry. Some of the uses because of which doctors order a CT scan are:

  • It can identify joint and bone problems in the case of accidents, fractures, old age, etc.
  • To diagnose and to keep a regular check on conditions like emphysema, cancer, liver masses, coronary diseases, etc.
  • It can also help to identify various types of tumors, infections, blood clots, excessive fluid in the body.
  • CT scan images are also helpful in planning various medical procedures like surgeries, biopsies, radiotherapies, etc.
  • It helps in keeping a tab on various treatments and to check whether the treatments are working or not.

What are the questions to be asked while choosing a CT scan center?

Choosing a proper imaging center is very important especially if one wants accurate and quick results. One should look out for a local center which is near to one’s place and also who are affordable in the price range. one can always ask their friends and relatives to recommend a good center, as referrals are the best way to know about a place’s reputation. However, there are always some questions that one need to ask before fixing on to one single option, like:

  • Do they have the latest technology?

One should ask if they have the proper and latest technology for CT scanning. The CT scanning machine should have higher a number of slices, which will provide more sharp and accurate images which can be used to detect any kind of aberration.

  • Is there an anesthetist present?

This is really important if one have claustrophobia or if a small child has to be scanned, means one may not be able to be in the scanner for too long. In such a case, one might have to be sedated, and for that experienced anesthetist is a must have.

  • Do they have experienced radiologists and doctors?

Just getting the accurate images is not enough, forgetting proper diagnosis one need to have expert radiologists who can interpret those images perfectly. With proper interpretation, only one can be diagnosed properly and thus will get proper treatment likewise.

  • How trusted is the center?

Usually, doctors know best about certain CT scan center in Bangalore and they only can suggest properly. However, one should check before approaching any place, whether doctors suggest that place or not.

  • How quick they are with their results?

One can have a proper diagnosis in time only if the scan images can be delivered in time, therefore one should ask the center about how long they take to get a hard copy of the images. One can ask if they mail the reports to the doctors directly or if they give any intimidation to the patients when the images are ready.

Finding a good CT scan center is not much of trouble these days because one can simply search for them online where one will also get customer reviews to be checked. CT scan through is a simple imaging procedure, but it can scare a lot of people just by the name of it. so always make sure that there are proper experts and staff to guide one through the process properly.

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