How To Decorate The Floating Candles

A floating candle is a candle which is mainly placed in water. When it is placed in, the water displaces more water by weight than that of the weight of the candles. That is why; it floats in water.

One can easily use floating candles in any form of water bodies like bowls, pools, vases, fountains, bath tubs and lakes. But yes, one should not use them in running waters like streams or rivers. Also when one is placing floating candles on water then wick of the candles should not get wet. This is because; if the cotton wick gets absorbed in water then it will absorb a lot of water which will hugely affect the burn time of the candle.

floating candles

When one buys floating candles online they buy it for a special purpose because every candle cannot float. So, one needs to choose some traditional floating candles when they are thinking of floating them in water. These floating candles do come in a lot of colours and are mostly unscented. They range from 2 to 3 diameters in size.

So, when putting floating candles on water, one should always gently place them in the water by holding onto the wick and to ensure the dryness of it before lighting them. The floating candles will have long burn time depending on the size of the candle that you choose. The 2 inches floating candles can actually burn up to 4 to 5 hours and the 3 inches ones can go on for 8 to 10 hours.

Floating candles will instantly change up the look of a table, a centre piece or any outdoor settings. While being absolutely beautiful, floating candles are so affordable that they can fit into almost every budget. Plus the ease of using floating candles makes them a perfect choice.

Here are a few ideas on how to use them.

  • It is a beautiful idea to use floating candles inside a cylinder vase. Using candles in a cylinder vase can instantly give a blank canvas under the floating candle. One has to place the candles where one can easily showcase the vase fillers.
  • Floating candles also look very nice on a table or a dish garden or in a low lying bowl. One can add a lot of life to a bowl of water by just adding some candles to it.
  • You can even create outdoor masses of floating candles in vases to create a unique fire pit feel for guests if you are having a party or a get together at home. It not only looks amazing but it also creates a lot of warmth for the invitees.
  • Floating candles in outdoor settings like pools can create a magnificent ambiance. Most people underestimate the amount needed to make the pool feel full of candle light. It is a good idea to use 3 inches diameter floater candles in pools and using at least a quantity of 75 to fill it up.

There are many cheap floating candles available online which one can buy.

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