Everything You Should Know About PRP Treatment

Among a variety of treatment method, Naturopathic has expanded its wings throughout the world.

This ensures cost-effective, free from side-effects, and higher curing rate comparatively with others method of treatment.


For example, the majority of people prefer naturopathic doctors in Los Angeles for those chronic diseases, they have lost the hope of a cure. The naturopathic medicine Los Angeles and procedures like PRP treatment in Los Angeles have proven record of curing complicated or chronic diseases.

I have come up with this post to unfold the aspects of PRP treatment. Before we proceed ahead, you should understand all about PRP.

What is PRP?


PrP is an abbreviation of Platelet-Rich Plasma. In comprehending words, platelets suspended in plasma is PRP. It is the solid component of blood. Meanwhile, plasma is a liquid component. Platelets are the most vital blood clotting factor or protein act as a growth factor.

How is PRP done?

PRP is outpatient practice. It gets accomplished in an hour. First of all 450ml of blood is withdrawn and processed by centrifugation under distinct parameter to separate platelets.

Furthermore, the PRP is injected into damaged cartilage, ligaments, tendon, and muscles. The platelet as growth factor accelerates the cells to repair. Also, plays an earnest role in treating hair loss by stimulating inactive hair follicles after injecting subcutaneously in the scalp.

Now, let’s have a look and explore out the things you might not acquaint with.

PRP is a Non-Surgical Method


Falls under no-side effect and non-surgical method of treatment. PRP as a medicine for treating hair growth based on the concept of regenerative nature. It is highly efficient in improvising the production and vascularity of collagen deep under the scalp to stimulate natural hair growth.

Plasma Comprises Many Growth Factors

PRP in itself comprises a variety of growth factors that stimulate cells and tissue production. Also transformed as an excellent remedy for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) are known factors.

It is Free from Side Effects

PRP therapy regardless of any ailments including face and hair is completely and safe natural. It ensures no-side effect because the PRP derived from your own body and injected directly into your body at required site. Though, the injection may cause redness on screen or a headache but is transient and will be abolished within a week.

How PRP works for natural hair growth?


After injecting PRP underneath the scalp, it activates freshly implanted hair follicles as well as improvise the fragile hair diameter for natural hair growth. Within four to six weeks after first PRP therapy, you will experience enhanced rate of hair growth.

Keeps the face free from wrinkles and fine lines


PRP works efficiently in diminishing the fine lines and wrinkle when treating skin ailments. Moreover plays an earnest role in improvising the skin vitality and texture. Eventually, it ensures a tightened and glowing skin conveying a youthful appearance.

In contrast to ‘Botox or Filler,’ it lacks conveying frozen look. Ensure a natural facelift and reverse the skin aging sign to convey a younger look. That means your appearance will less than your actual age.

Used as an excellent anti-aging treatment


When it comes to treating anti-aging syndrome, the comprised growth factor of PRP considered as superlative remedies to combat. Undoubtedly, it reverses the aging effect and eliminates the symptoms of face wrinkles ensuring a blushing skin like younger ones.

Also called as Dracula Therapy

The PRP treatment started with the withdrawal of blood from the patient and re-injected directly into the patient’s body. So, it is also called as Dracula or Vampire Therapy. In lack of external interference to obtain medicine resources, no possibilities of allergic reaction or production of the irregular antibody will be there.

Doesn’t require elongated processing time & follow up

PRP treatment is not time-consuming procedure. Even you have a busy schedule you can steal approx. An hour for the treatment without compromising the work on priority. After availing the first therapy, you can think for another after 1-2 months according to the need and requirements.

Performed by expert medical professional

PRP therapy is always practiced by or must be performed under the supervision of expert doctors adopting safety measures. Before, taking PRP treatment for skin or hair make sure that the doctor is certified, trained and hold the appropriate license.

Never afraid to investigate the technique of PRP preparation. You must be assured about platelets concentration for an excellent outcome.

Final Saying

After going through this post, you will be now able to comprehend the importance of PRP treatment along with different aspects. In the realm of naturopathic medicine, PRP treatment along with IV drip in Los Angeles and trigger point injections in Los Angeles, for example, is in high trend. The reason behind is high cure rate of ailments like – skin, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons with no side effect.

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