Exceptional Eid Outfit Ideas

Faith and fashion are the two things that bring Muslims together during Eid. This Islamic holiday is all about prayer and sacrifice—while donning the best Muslim outfits in observance of the occasion. Though there is no specific garment require, Muslims are in their traditional clothes reflecting their cultures with modesty as a common theme. Abayas and Jalabiya are two of the contemporary garments worn by women Muslims around the world.

Ladies usually wear headscarf with fancy abaya which the length extends to the feet and the cut is not tight. Traditionally black in color and can be seen in different fabrics like silks, crepes and linen with creative designs. Alongside, designers get inspirations from international trends in updating the design of abayas. For celebrations such as Eid, modesty is still important in exhibiting a structured fashion statement with layering, accessories and wearing head scarf.

Aside from family gatherings to outings with friends and vacations, Eid give people the feeling of wearing something new. Eid is a beautiful celebration where amazing dishes, spending quality time with family and friends. In addition, the most exciting part is wearing new outfit as everyone should look and dress up at their best.

On the other hand of you choose to dress up a plain outfit just add a sequined top or hold a glittery clutch, slip around a bold statement necklace, or put flowers on your hair or cover up with hijab. Whether you wear a maxi dress, or a maxi skirt be aware that there are many ways to add some glam to your outfits to make them special for Eid.

Eid festival fashion has somewhat enriched with the influence of global fashion in the recent years. The floor length women’s dressesare almost like a gown but with more handwork designs. Stylish maxi dresses are in high demand switching the traditional wardrobe at night. Own the look by considering this exceptional Eid outfit ideas featuring trendy women’s dresses for this much-awaited occasion.

The Lightweight Maxi Dress

Owning this dress is so perfect for Eid prayer and during the daytime gathering with families and friends. This look is easy to pulled off as it is soft and fresh at the same time. Choose similar light fabrics such as lace or chiffon for a softer lightweight effect.


Blue Sapphire Pleated Maxi Dress

The Minimalist Midi Dress

This look is versatile for day and night as it is slightly more dressed up. Black is more ideal for the evening because of its modesty and appeal for elegance. For a day look, just add an accessory like a bag of a brighter color such as red or orange or maybe a floral one.


Black Vintage Ruffle Neck Long Sleeves Midi Dress

  The Polished Set

An ensemble that is so perfect and pretty to wear from all day long up to the Eid party.

The Traditional Cut

If you still opt for traditional clothing, go for it! Choose a dress that has similar cuts of kaftans, Jalabiyas, or abayas.


Peach Silk and Black Star Sleeved Midi Dress

Be reminded that the best part about Eid is that all Muslims from all cultures come together for Eidprayer and clothing is a better representation of diversity. Make sure you dress for your day and whatever your plans are, make the most of the day! Eid is given by Allah to us to celebrate so cherish those around you and enjoy the day. Hope you found this Eid outfit a helpful guide from OwnTheLooks for you to ownthelookof a fabulous mademoiselle this blessed month!

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