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Ratnagiri is the largest city on the southern coast of Maharashtra (a state in India). It has a large port and a huge fishing fleet.


The road was not distinguished by a special variety – all the same narrow strip of abrasive asphalt. You did not like the city from the first minutes, as we went there. An unremarkable little town with low houses and narrow, dirty, winding streets. In search of housing, they climbed into the port area. This was a real test for our sense of smell! A sharp mixture of the smell of rotting fish and impurities so sharply beat in the nose that being even a couple of kilometres from him was torture.

Unfortunately, we had to drive it two times along the entire length. After an hour of searching, found an average hotel with a room for 850 Rs. For this cost, we got a small stuffy room, an Indian toilet and the last (third) floor. On the ground floor is located a rather grandiose, by local standards, restaurant with an aquarium, which was filled to capacity with breakfast and lunch.

What to See in Ratnagiri

The only thing we managed to do and sunset, is to inspect the fort.

Bhagwati fort or Ratnadurg:

This fort was built more than 400 years ago during the Bachmann dynasty. In 1670, the national hero of Maharashtra and adventurer Shivaji won him from Adil Shah. After this, right up to the British rule, this fort passed from hand to hand but was used as an outpost for fighting the pirates of Konkan.


The guard turned out to be a sympathetic fellow and let us inside 10 minutes before closing (18:00). The fort is located on a hill, due to the sea. In fact, only the walls are preserved, but they have a good view of the sea. Leave the fort the very last, under the clatter of closing gates. The sunset was met a little lower, on the improvised viewing platform, which is a fragment of bricks and walls of the same fort. The rest of the evening was spent on the roof of our hotel, watching the already unhurried life and the movement of Ratnagiri.

Wake up early to catch sight of another attraction of Ratnagiri, the Thibaw Palace. This palace is known for the fact that in it the British kept the last Burmese king Thibaw in custody from 1886 to 1916. Arriving at the site, we found that the entrance gate was closed. Instead of a lock, the door was fastened together with a wire. Is this an obstacle for a Russian person who wants to get rich spiritually? Having already got inside, they met their eyes with the guard, who watched indifferently from afar. Apparently having read in our eyes a firm intention to examine, even if not a nationally significant, but still a historical monument, he judiciously decided not to interfere with us. A cursory examination took a little time. Plan your trip to Ratnagiri with Deccan Odyssey train which is the Asia’s leading luxury train.

Strictly speaking, this building cannot be called a palace even with a stretch. So, an intricate mansion, gradually collapsing.

Of course, it was too early to leave. A bit tired of the semi-country roads, we got to the site of the Mumbai-Goa road.  Also, you are looking for luxury than you can check out the schedule of Deccan Odyssey train before planning your trip.

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