Fears Harboured By Our Historical Leaders

famous historical leaders

Fear is an innate characteristic found among people of all age groups and gender. As always there may still be people who are quick to ascribe some superhuman abilities to their favourite celebrities and consider them to be impervious fears. Well, irrespective of who you are in this world, as a human being you are bound to have some fear and there very little you can do to remove the inevitability of it.

Franklin D Roosevelt Couldn’t Stomach Fire

Franklin d roosevelt speaking

While it might have been a gesture of braveness to say “only thing we should fear is fear itself”, the former president of United States of America had laboured a deeply entrenched fear of fire. Apparently Fanklin D Roosevelt was afflicted with fear of fire in his childhood when he chanced to see his aunt running around the house with her dress set on fire. His perpetual phobia exacerbated as he grew older. During his reign as the president of the States, Fanklin is believed to have kept his door ajar lest fire emergency occurs.

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Genghis Khan and Dogs

genghis khan mongol emperor

The founder and emperor of Mongol empire, Genghis was renowned for many of his bold exploits, however, being able endear himself to dogs was sadly not one of his fortes. Genghis had famously cited the three fears of life were his mother, wife and dogs. He fiercely believed that dogs were homogeneously beastly animals that could not be fully tamed. The emperor’s irrational fear of dogs never showed any signs of abating throughout his life.

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Kim Jong-il’s Fear of Morbid Fear of Height

Kim Jong il of korea

Supreme leader of Korea was infamous for his phobia of height. Kim Jong always discounted the possibility of taking flights. This fact came into international attention when he categorically refused to take flights to Soviet Union and decided to take armoured train. The deceased former leader of Korea is likely to have developed the phobia after a helicopter crash in 1976 which inflicted mental and many physical injuries on him.

Winston Churchill and Public Speaking

Winston churchill of england

Winston Churchill former prime minister of England is widely renowned as one of the greatest speakers to have ever graced stage. Not many appear to be aware of how Winston Churchill struggled with a persistent stutter. Winston Churchill was a very shrewd politician who simply failed to translate his boundless intellect into oratory prowess. However, Winston’s unbreakable perseverance ensured that he won his long battle against stuttering.  He made up for his stutter by rehearsing his intended speeches weeks in advance. This in turn also gave Winston the cutting edge over his political rivals.

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Adolf Hitler’s Fear of Dentists

Adolf hitler of germany

Deprem Hennen in 2009 published his book Dentist of the devil which gave us an insight into the life of Dr Hugo Blaschke who was the designated dentist for almost two decades. Dr Hugo Blaschke’s laborious efforts to get access to Hitler’s dental record bore fruit after he found the documents that had been kept under the carpet by Jewish scientists. Hitler suffered from choric tooth ache but endured it silently on account of his phobia of dentists.

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