Five Beginner Vaping Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them


Exciting times! You’ve been out and bought your very first vape pen. You’ve stocked up on all kinds of flavours, and you’re ready to get started.

Then… Whoops!

Something goes wrong. Not to worry, it happens to us all. But the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be, and the less chance you’ll have of falling prey to a common vaping blunder. If you are want to switch from smoking to vaping, then you need to eliminate all of the potential obstacles in your way!

In this post, we’ve asked the experts at 88 Vape for their advice on how to avoid the five most common beginner vaping mistakes.

One: Buying the Wrong Pen

 You’ve picked out the vape pen at a store or online, it’s there on your coffee table. You take it out of the box, unscrew the tank to fill it and…


It’s a cheap dud, and it’s money wasted.

Or you get it home and suddenly you’re confronted with a Sub-Ohm monster – a car battery hooked up to a tank you could keep fish in. Where do you start?

Buying equipment that’s too cheap or too expensive is a common beginner mistake. Too cheap and it breaks – usually just after the vape shop has closed, leaving you eyeing up that last packet of cigarettes you promised you’d never finish. Too expensive and you’ve got no idea what to do!

We recommend a middle of the road vape pen, something with a compact tank, a replaceable coil, and a price tag that’s a little more than a packet of cigarettes.

Two: Burned Coils

 You buy your vape pen. A quick push of the button, light comes on. You fill it up, take your first inhale and…


That’s awful! That’s acrid!

Where did you go wrong?

Well, you’ve just burned your coils. So switch in a replacement ecigarette coil and let’s try again.

If you run a current through a dry coil, that cotton wick is going to burn. If it’s burnt, it tastes horrible and won’t absorb the liquid. Instead, squeeze a drop of eliquid directly onto your coil. Then fill the tank as you normally would and let it sit for five minutes.

Once the coil’s soaked through, you can vape away. Just don’t let it run dry!

Three: Flavour Mixing

 Vaping is exciting. There’s fruit flavour eliquid, menthol flavour eliquid, tobacco flavour eliquid.

And if you try all that on the same coil without so much as wiping out your tank with a bit of tissue, then you’ve invented fruity-mint-tobacco eliquid. Think Fanta, meets chewing gum, meets strands of rolling tobacco.

You’ve invented it, because nobody else would make such a horrible combination.

So switch your coils regularly as you change types of eliquid flavour, and wipe down your tank every once in a while. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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Four: Strong Liquids

 This one sneaks up on you. It’s been a day or two, and you’re a bit lightheaded and you feel a bit sick. Maybe it’s the vaping?

Well, it could be. If you’re vaping too much nicotine, you’re not going to feel great at all.

Unless you used to smoke like an industrial chimney, steer clear of strong eliquids. You’ll end up with a minor nicotine overdose. Look at the strength, and pick the correct dosage.

We recommend the following as a rule of thumb, but it’s fine to err on the side of caution:

20+ cigarettes per day – use 18mg liquids

10-20 per day – use 12mg liquids

Less than 10 per day – go for 3mg liquids

Never smoked – choose a nicotine-free vape

Five: Vaping Like It’s a Cigarette

 Smoking a cigarette involves a short, sharp drag that you inhale right to the back of your throat. Sucking that smoke in before you have to taste it. Try that with a vape and you’re all but guaranteed a cough. It’s not glamourous, and you’ll feel daft, but it happens to us all.

Instead, take it slow. A long, slow, soft inhale is what you should be going for. Pull it into the back of your mouth, taste the vapour, then inhale and exhale.

It might take you a few tries, but you’ll get there eventually.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Feel free to share your vaping mistakes with 88 Vape!

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