Five Easy Native American Treatments For Your Itchy Skin

American itchy skin treatment

Itchy and irritated skin can make your days miserable. While people are busy looking for treatment in every nick and cranny of market, little do they know about the medicinal qualities possessed by Native American treatments. The number of skin care materials that can be found in your regular kitchen ingredient might baffle you especially considering the amount of money you spend in vain on buying skin care products.

Let Chamomile Calm You Down

Chamomile flowers and tea

Widely known as calming tea, Chamomile is in fact less known for its various medicinal qualities including soothing and healing wounds. Most people seem to have very little idea about Chamomile’s use for skin care. Those who have grown tired of anointing and trying out all the skin care products under the sun, are certain to find the ultimate solution to all their skin care problems. Applying compressed Chamomile tea on your affected areas for about 5 to 10 minutes guarantees to cure skin problems.

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Chickweed And Dry Skin

Chickweed for skin treatment

Even the most incurable Dry skin condition can be eradicated with a bit of Chickweed tea. The weeds have been traditionally used as food and medicine alike. However it’s the medicinal dimensions of chickweed that made it popular among people. A couple of Chickweed tea drops in your bath water will give you perpetual relief from dry skin. The anti-inflammatory nature of chickweed will also alleviate your most persistent joint pain.

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Dandelion And Digestion

Dandelion for skin care

You may still have memories about having to clean up the Dandelion weeds from the front of your house. Well, many are still under the impression that dandelion was invented for the sole purpose of making your life hard. These wild weeds which you once thought of as useless are in fact naturally endowed with numerous medical properties. Regular application of Dandelion helps you to gain better digestion and eradicate any risk of liver dysfunction. Add a couple of Dandelion teabags in your bathing water and let it do the magic on your itchy skin.

Echinacea And Skin Rashes

Echinacea for skin treatment

Echinacea flowers have been traditionally used by Native Americans for treatment of cold. The flowers when consumed as tea it is also known for strengthening your constitution. The ant-bacterial properties of Dandelion leave facilitate your wound healing process and offer invaluable relief to your skin rashes. While Echinacea is also applied directly on Eczema affected area, those who are not comfortable with ragweed and other similar plants, should refrain from using it.

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Lavender’s Medicinal Prowess

Lavender for skin treatment

It will be of great benefit to people if you they could find in a single product the most comprehensive curative powers. Lavender is world’s answer to heavenly potion.  Such is the magical curative properties of Lavender that many people rely heavily on the plant for a variety of reasons including relieving bad mood and stress busting. The application of Lavender oil in your warm bath on a regular basis will help you get rid-off skin issues such as eczema and    psoriasis. Before you set out to by skin products from the market, bear in mind that the solution is just a few drops away.

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