Get a Business Trade License for Import and Export

Import and export or international trade are referred to as the most preferable business in UAE if you are thinking about starting a company in Dubai.

Before starting an import-export business in the UAE, it would be better to know the requirements that are to be fulfilled beforehand.

Why should you go for an import-export business in the UAE?

  • Ideal location

No matter where you start your business, the location plays a huge role. As Dubai is located centrally, it acts as a prime location to aid the business of import and export. Because of such an ideal and strategic location, it becomes easier coordinating and working both in the east and the west.

  • Ideal channeling system

As the production is limited in UAE and the Gulf region, therefore it is largely dependent upon import and export.  Also, UAE has the greatest oil reserves which make it a huge exporter of natural resources to the whole world.

  • Ideal economic diversity

UAE has always encouraged variety and that’s how a number of businesses of export and import have risen in UAE. So, if you are also looking forward to bringing diversity in UAE, you should surely go for it and make it a success.

How to start an import and export business in the UAE

Apply for the license

The first and the foremost step you need to complete is apply for a trade license and register your company of import and export in UAE. Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for the registration here.

After submitting your company registration application to DED, you need to notarize the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and submit all the paperwork to the DED, pay the fees and collect the license. It is as simple as we say it.

Some people might find it complicated but the legal representatives in the UAE can be of great help for such people.

Renting the location

Rent the office or the warehouse as per the need of your business. Make sure to keep up with the norms of the UAE municipality for imports and exports.

Trade and customs in the UAE

It plays a huge role in the business set up in the UAE. So, you must be very careful while considering it right from the very initial stage. So, register your business with UAE trade and customs.

Other factors to consider

There are a number of other things as well which you need to consider in order to establish a business set up in UAE. For the business of imports and exports, you may need to obtain quotes from the chamber of commerce, distribution of services as so much more. So, make sure you finalize it all I a proper way in order to stay safe from any hurdle that may come your way.

For the perfect business set up registration journey, count on the legal consultants in UAE. They will be by your side while you register your import and export business in the UAE. So, do not delay anymore and start working on your dreams. If you want to learn more about business trade license click here.

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