Harms of Coffee on Your Dental Health?


coffee and dental health

You would stop waking up to coffee if you knew how it harms your dental health. It may rejuvenate the senses and stirs the mind but its anti-staining ability is well known. In fact, the beverage can affect your mouth or teeth in a number of other ways so it’d be better if you stopped the habit immediately. Although the drink may feel like energizing to some, coupled with the ounce of instant pep it delivers, but its regular consumption is fraught with dental problems over a period of time.
Here are ways in which coffee can affect your dental health –
Teeth Staining
Coffee should be a big NO to all those yearning for whiter and brighter teeth. Because it causes staining on your teeth and takes them pearly white charms away. In fact, the dark color nature of the beverage can enter the porous enamel and leave there a yellowish or brownish or black tinge gradually. However, surface stains cause due to coffee can be removed with a tooth whitening treatment but those of stubborn nature might pose dental risks. If you are in habit of waking up to a cup of coffee each morning, it’s time you consulted the dentist and got rid of the stains.
Enamel Erosion
Acidic foods or drinks are always harmful for your teeth. They can cause erosion of the enamel and even weaken it gradually. The same happens when you consume coffee on a regular basis, so you should be careful and always seek dental consultation. Along the way, you need to curb the habit, cut down on the frequency and intake of the beverage and then increase your oral care to minimize the associated risks. The best strategy would be to use a straw to drink your coffee, avoid swishing in your mouth and then rinse the mouth with cold water.

Bad Breath
Shun the habit of coffee if you don’t want the problem of bad breath strike you. Those who drink this beverage on a regular basis will have a breath that stinks, or their breath will have a foul odor. The caffeine present in the drink makes the saliva dry and this is when bacterial growth turns uninhibited. So, to not let all the saliva in your mouth dry up, you should chew sugar-free gum. You can also contact the dentist and know what else could be done to overcome bad breath problem.
Teeth Grinding
Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not a stress buster but it rather causes stress. When you consume it large amounts, there is always a risk of stress, which may also disturb your sleep quality along the way. This very stress may be the reason behind teeth grinding during sleep. Even if the grinding is not harmful beyond a point, its side effects such as constant wear & tear on the teeth leading to enamel erosion, are not worth ignoring. Plus, this may also lead to tooth damage, sensitive teeth and jaw straining.
Plaque buildup

We know how sugar is a popular additive of coffee. This may help create a perfect opportunity to bacterial growth leading to plaque buildup. This is when tooth decay and other dental problems start happening. On the other hand, coffee with high amount of caffeine can stop these bacteria from creating plaque. So, you should try black coffee but being restrained can help a lot. And yes, you should visit best dentist in Noida at least twice a year so that any dental problem could be spotted early and a timely treatment is started to help your maintain optimum dental health.

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