Common Mistakes That Can Ruin the Delight of a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Renovating your home not only makes it more livable but also helps to enhance its market value. While this is true for all areas of your home, certain remodeling activities deliver a higher return on investment; kitchen renovation is the most significant one. When you renovate your kitchen, you help to improve its function, reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, increase comfort, update the looks, enhance safety, and boost its market value. A small wonder kitchen renovation is among the most popular remodeling activities in America. According to the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index survey, shared by, over 80% of home renovation projects deal with the kitchen. However, there are a few common mistakes that you need to learn to avoid as otherwise, the time and money that you invest could be a complete waste.

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin the Delight of a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Garbage Disposal System Improper

A typical kitchen produces a huge amount of garbage daily. To keep the kitchen clean and hygienic, you need to dispose of organic food waste, cans, bottles, plastic containers, bags, wrappers properly on a continuous basis. Even if adequate garbage disposal seems elementary to planning a kitchen, you will be surprised to note how often designers do not allocate the space required for the various types of kitchen waste. Since conventional garbage bins tend to fill up very quickly, you may wish to consider a trash compactor if your kitchen keeps busy all the time. If you intend to recycle plastics, glass, or paper, you will also need separate bins for each type of waste.

Being a Slave to Trends

Every year home décor magazines are full of the latest kitchen décor ideas but once the year is over and done with, the very same ideas that were touted as the latest in trends seem to be totally forgotten. Kitchen remodeling is not done every year so stick to a design concept that would not seem out of place when people visit long after a particular design trend is over. Adopting timeless kitchen design concepts can also preserve the value of your home better. If you are stuck for ideas, you can consult with a reputed Kitchen Renovation Long Island contractor.

Inadequate Lighting

Regardless of how the kitchen is laid out, you require three different kinds of lighting; overall illumination, accent lighting, and most importantly, task lighting. Overall illumination is important because everyone who enters the kitchen can then easily find out how it is laid out and where the most important components are located. Try to use as much natural lighting as possible to reduce your dependence on electrical energy and to give the interiors a fresh look. Accent lighting is used to highlight some aspect of your kitchen to prevent it from looking boring and flat while the all-important task lighting makes it easier to perform vital activities like chopping vegetables, preparing meals, and even washing up.

Insufficient Ventilation

Having a good ventilation system is essential for any kitchen. Not only does it prevent the smell of cooking from spreading to the other parts of the home but also stops it from lingering in the kitchen itself long after the meal has been cooked. A cheap ventilation system is a waste of money. Apart from removing odors, a high-quality ventilation system helps to keep the kitchen cooler and more comfortable by ridding it of excess heat. Appliances in the kitchen become less dirty and enjoy an extended life.

Inadequate Storage

If you want your kitchen to have a clean and uncluttered look, you will need to create adequate storage space for all the stuff you keep in your kitchen right from crockery and cutlery to spices and condiments and kitchen tools and appliances. Having sufficient storage for all the items not only makes for a clean looking kitchen but also allows sufficient space for undertaking essential kitchen chores like chopping and slicing, operating the food processor, and washing up. It can be all too easy to blow up your kitchen renovation budget on fancy countertops, flooring, and fixtures when you should actually be paying attention to creating as much storage space as possible. More than aesthetics, you need to focus on functional kitchen cabinets made of good quality material to withstand the stress of kitchen operations year after year.

Shortage of Counter Space

It can be really frustrating cooking meals in a kitchen that is short on counter space. However, many kitchen designs seem to suggest that counter space is less important than aesthetic appeal. When you are undertaking a kitchen-remodeling project, you should pay careful thought to the appliances and other stuff that you will normally need to access on the countertop. After making an estimate of the required space, be sure to add the space you require for the actual meal preparation, and then allow an additional 25% more to arrive at the total countertop space you should ideally have. In your kitchen design, make sure that there is enough space around busy areas like the hob and the sink.

Incorrect Placement of the Island

Having a kitchen island is the most optimum way of increasing your work efficiency in the kitchen as you can easily place all the appliances and gadget within easy reach and not have to run about while preparing the meals. However, by incorrectly situating the island, you can end up obstructing the movement between busy areas like the hob, the sink, the fridge, and the oven. This can happen when the kitchen space itself is too small or when the island itself is too close to the kitchen gadgets and appliances. An ideal kitchen should allow for about 3.5 feet of clear space all around the island to permit easy movement.


The secret of a good kitchen-remodeling project is planning each and every activity to the smallest of details. It is very important to take adequate time over it and not rush the finalization of the design. Correction of mistakes when the project is already on can result in wastage of time, materials, as well as money. Getting an experienced contractor can result in smooth execution as well as adherence to the budget.

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