How Exercise Benefits Your Body Chemistry?

Benefits of exercises on your body

The sweat glands are distributed all over the human body and they are very powerful. The two types of sweat glands – Apocrine and Eccrine- are present in the human body. Apocrine sweat glands are seen in rectogenital areas or armpits and are caused for smelly sweat. Eccrine sweat glands produce a non-odorous sweat and are spread all over the body. Eccrine sweat glands help heal wounds in your body and regenerate damaged skin. The exercises or physical activities produce sweat and help lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, help to maintain a healthy weight, and reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, depression and cancer. Most of the people are not aware about that your muscles release hormones. Here are three hormones that make your body healthier.


The functioning of irisin because of exercise

Physical activities or exercises cause to break off Irisin into your bloodstream and flow throughout your body. Hence, the hormone Iris is known in the nickname “exercise hormone.” A recent study shows that Irisin hormone reprograms flab cells to burn energy instead of accumulate it, which explains how to increase your metabolic rate and helps you reduce. Another recent study found that people who have higher levels of Irisin hormone in their blood are more likely to have longer telomeres—caps at the end of chromosomes that shorten as you age. Many health issues such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s—are mainly seen in the individuals those who have shorter telomere length.


Testosterone hormone will function perfectly because of exercise

Testosterone is the major male sex hormone veiled in your testicles that boosts sex drive and fuels muscle, bone and hair growth. Following an exercise, the level of testosterone in your body rise for 15 minutes in an hour depending on your fitness level, age and how deeply you exercised. The body uses flowing testosterone to make muscle mass. The low testosterone levels may result in heart diseases such as abnormal heart rhythm and blood clots, as well as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Begin with aerobic exercise then turn to squats, knee extensions and lat pull-downs to increase your testosterone level. People who exercised in the reverse order will increase their testosterone in a lower level than those who start with aerobic exercise.

Peptide YY

Functioning of peptide hormone with exercise

Peptide YY, veiled in gut, helps to reduce appetite and provides a feel of fullness after meal. Exercise increases the level of Peptide YY, which make you less hungry after an exercise. Aerobic exercise can boost the level of Peptide YY levels compared to strength training. Low level of Peptide YY is the main cause of obesity. By increasing or decreasing the level of Peptide YY, one can control the body weight. Besides the exercise, the foods items contained high calories causing the release of more Peptide YY.

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