Hyderabad Calling! 6 Things to do at the Falaknuma Palace

Sitting 2,000 feet above the city of Hyderabad, Taj Falaknuma Palace is its crowning glory. Built in the year 1894, it was previously a palace of the Nizam. This palace turned heritage hotel exudes grandeur and elegance and takes you back in time. The palace has more than 50 rooms and suites which have been royally refurbished. Every room in the palace offers verdant views of the palace courtyard and a 360° view of the charming city of Hyderabad.

The hotel houses multi-cuisine, fine dining restaurants, private dining halls, manicured lawns and majestic ballrooms for private parties. But Taj Falaknuma Palace is much more than that. Here are 6 unique things you can do while in the premises of this erstwhile palace.

Enjoy the ‘top’ view of Hyderabad

Walk around in gardens and terraces of the palace to relive the glorious era of the Nizams. You can also enjoy a 360° view of the vast spread of the beautiful city from the palace. At another angle, you can also see the Falaknuma station and  numerous trains crawling through the expanse of the city. From yet another angle, you can see the rocky beds of Hyderabad. The sunset view from the palace is an enchanting experience and must not be missed. Book cheap flights to Hyderabad so that you do not miss on this enticing experience. You can also stay a day or two by booking one of the cheap hotels in Hyderabad at dropdown prices online.


Take the chariot

Arrive like royalty in the welcome carriage that carries you from the gate to the front lawns of the palace. After gulping down your welcome drink, a commander leads you to the foyer of the palace as rose petals with a delicious-smelling itr (perfume) are showered from above. Then, you get to enter through the left stairs, just as the Nizam did in his days. This grand welcome sets your mood to ecstatic for days to come.

Sit on the Nizam’s chair

Yes, it is true! You are allowed to sit on the Nizam’s chair, with his large and life-like painting behind you, his bookcase by your side, an old white telephone set on the table and an old ornate clock staring at you. You can experience all that when you write your comments in the visitor’s book using a peacock-feathered fountain pen. Everything is old-school here, which makes it all the more enjoyable!

Meet the Resident Historian

This is perhaps the only heritage property that has a resident historian who is an expert in the history of the palace. He readily guides you through the courtyards and corridors of history that the Falaknuma Palace has seen. Stay to listen the age-old tales and legends of the Nizam who occupied the palace. He describes and demystifies the many sculptures, chandeliers, wooden panels and other works of art around the palace.

Admire the Paintings

The palace is sprawling with paintings, from the corridors to the ceilings. Some of the most seraphic works of art could be viewed at the foyer’s ceilings, which are covered with pristine portraits of Greek Goddesses in exquisite poses. Elements of heaven like heavenly bodies can be seen on many paintings around the palace. The rooms and the staircases are fitted with some of the most magnificent paintings, which are primarily portraits of various people including that of Amir Vicar-Ul-Umra, who built this palace.

Spot the Scorpio

Not many are aware of this, but the Falaknuma Palace is designed in the shape of a Scorpio. The architect, William Mariet based it on his sun sign. There are no aerial-view pictures of the palace to be found, but you can walk around and spot the various parts of Scorpio. Two stings spread out as wings on the north. The middle part or the body of the scorpion comprises of the Zenana Mahal on one side and the Mess Khana, which is the Kitchen and the Telephone Exchange on the other. The Gol Bungalow that forms the tail has a dome structure with an iron protrusion which looks like the sting of the scorpion. So, the next time you are in Falaknuma Palace, experience the extraordinary!

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