The Impact Of Stress On Your Health

Stress in any form can have an impact on your mind and body. Any change in the environment will require your body to react to it and adjust in response to the specific change. Your body will react to different changes in terms of physical, emotional and mental responses. Stress has become a normal part of life and everyone of us go through some sort of stress time and again. A lot of events which happen to you or happen around you and a lot of things that you do yourself will put stress on the body. There will be good and bad form of stress on your body and on your thoughts and this has an impact on your health and body.

The impact of stress on health

Your body is designed to experience stress and react to the same. It could be positive like being given greater responsibilities or getting a promotion. It could also be negative filled with challenges and no relief between the challenges. Because of this, you feel overworked and there is stress related tension in your body. This could lead to many physical symptoms like upset stomach, a headache, chest pain, blood pressure and trouble with sleeping. It could also worsen certain symptoms or diseases in your body. One should never take stress lightly and it is important to understand that anything done in excess will have a negative impact on your body. You can know more about it from Stress becomes harmful when people use a lot of tobacco, alcohol and drugs in order to relieve the stress. Instead of relieving the stress, it turns the body into a stressed state and causes more problems. About forty three percent of adults suffer from health effects due to stress and more than seventy five percent of the doctor’s office visits are for the purpose of stress related treatments.

Stress can cause a number of problems in depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, headache, asthma, heart problems, arthritis, diabetes and skin conditions. Stress has been declared as a hazard of the workplace and it costs more than $300 billion every year. Stress could also lead to emotional disorder and there are more than 50% chances of the disorder being prevalent during the entire lifetime.

Impact of stress on the skin

Stress can have an impact on your entire body and this includes the hair, skin and nails. It has become a part of life which is why it matters how you handle stress. Stress will cause a chemical response in the body and this will make your skin more reactive and sensitive. It will make it difficult for the skin problems to heal. You might notice that you break out more when you are stressed and this is because the stress in your body will tell the glands in your skin to make more oil and oily skin is highly prone to acne as well as other skin problems. There are many skin problems which can make it worse. Stress could lead to eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. In addition, it could cause skin rashes, hives and could lead to a flare up of fever blisters.

When you are stressed, it will also have an impact on your daily skin care routine. You could skip a part of your routine and this will increase the skin issues. It becomes stressful to have problems with the skin and a lot of people feel bad about how they look, which ultimately adds more to the stress. If you notice a skin concern which does not heal, you need to rethink how you are handling stress.

Ways to ease the impact of stress on the skin

It is not possible for anybody to avoid stress completely but you can look for ways to handle it better.

  • You should never neglect the skin and take care of it even if you are tired.
  • Get regular exercise because it is good for your skin and for your body.
  • Always find time for yourself in your busy routine, even if it is only for 10 minutes.
  • Spend at least half an hour in exercising.
  • Practice breathing exercises, meditation or yoga.
  • Get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Learn to say no and set boundaries in your personal and professional life.

Try to take these measures so as to relieve stress from your life. You can also talk to a friend or a family member to help you deal with stress.

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