Incredible Facts About Famous Horror Movies

Doll in horror movie

Horror movies have always engaged the human imagination. Today horror remains to be a genre which boasts of a widespread currency all across the world. The instilment of horror movies in the minds of the million was largely aided through some epic cinematic creations over the long period. The horror movies did not become what it is today through an overnight transition.

The curious case of Danny Lloyd

Boy on shining horror movie

Shinning is without shadow of doubt one of the most difficult horror movies to watch. It is difficult to watch not merely because of the elaborate details given to horrifying visuals but rather because of art directorial merits of Stanley Kubrick. The director was so protective of child actor Danny Lloyd that the 6 year old did not even know that he was acting in a horror movie. Having retired from acting following his successful debut in Shining, Danny Lloyd now teaches biology at a college based in Kentucky.

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Jeepers Creepers and the real life creep

Movie scene from jeepers creepers

Jeepers creepers quickly went on to become a classic among the horror movie fanatics. However little did people know about the monstrous instincts of the person behind the movie. Victor salve was convicted for molesting a 12 year child actor on the set of his debut movie clown house. The director who went on to produce several over movies along the horror line, had to spent 3 years in jail on account of the oral sex he had with the child actor.

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Silence of the lamb continues to horrify

Dr. Hannibal silence of the lamb

The Welsh veteran actor received worldwide critical acclaim for his portrayal of Doctor Hannibal in the movie Silence of the lamb. The eminent actor, who won academic award for his character, was determined to remain so faithful to the role throughout the set that he would scare his own wife in real life. Martha Stuart has been quoted saying that as much as she loved her husband, Anthony was starting to scare the living hell out her.

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Zombie culture and Fred Rogers

Fred rogers

Not many would believe that Zombie movie culture owes its origin to the innocent Fred Rogers. Well it was George Romero who was credited with creation of first zombie-themed movie. George however, revealed that he in fact derived the inspiration for the movie night of the living dead during his spell with Fred in his show called neighbours. While Fred loved the concept, he objected to Romero’s move to cast Betty Berlin who had previously appeared in the former’s show.

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The Little antichrist from Omen

Boy in omen movie

So, whatever happened to that little guy from the classic horror movie Omen?  We all know what happened to the boy from shining in the wake of worldwide fame, Harvey Spenser Stephens the then four year old boy actor from Oman was to follow in the footsteps of the former. Richard Donner was convinced that he found a real gem when interviewed the boy for his movie. However, after a bright beginning to his career, very few would have envisaged him to be working as a trader at the London stock exchange.

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