How to Keep Fresh-Faced While Camping


Camping refers to an activity outdoors which involves overnight stays far from home probably in ten as the shelter. What camping really means is moving away from the developed areas and venturing for staying outdoors in places which are more natural.

However, camping does not mean gloomy faces with no makeup or doing of the hair.

You also need to maintain your beauty and especially the face beauty even when out for camping. Maintaining that fresh shiny face may be a challenge but then below is a simplified list of the ways you can keep your face fresh while camping.

1. Use SPF

Sunscreen lathering is no-brainer anywhere and any day especially with its outdoors great working. Whatever you pack for the camping should contain SPF protection this ranges from your lip balm to face moisturizer. Camping does not necessarily require you to wear makeup not unless you are moving to town. Therefore, a tinted moisturizer containing strong SPF for skin tone evening out protecting the skin beneath.

2. Combat dryness and heat

The outdoors can make your skin irritated and dry. To fight such woes use a proper skin -repairing valve especially for the face. Find out which formulation will work best for you then go for it. Carry it with you everywhere you go to prevent your skin from any ailment which you might suffer during the say. Any discomfort or even bites will be combatted by the salve. On combatting dryness and heat consider using camping tents which are best for a hot environment.For more tips on choosing camping tent visit:

3. Maintaining dental hygiene

Skipping a single day without brushing your teeth can be really messy. Be it you are spending the night in a tent or sleeping bag never ignore your dental hygiene.

As you pack for the camping carry with you a kit where you can do your brushing from those times when its quite impossible to do it from outdoors. Carry with you also a refreshment dose and make use of it before the real brushing job.

4. Note down your hair plan for the days you will be camping

Camping calls for those simple and less hair doings. This not only maintains your face shine washed but also means minimal stress while you are there in the camping site away from home.

Always carry with you the wave spray as it aids in getting back the hair bossy and giving it the normal strands without struggles. Additionally, a conditioning detangler is as important to keep the hair clean and in place.

5. Make lasting makeup

Does camping mean no makeup? Do not let your camping mean you cannot do makeup. All you need to do is choose the formulas which last all day long. It is fun time no time to check over mirrors each and every minute for fresh makeup. Consider waterproof formulas which will last for longer even with sweating or rains. Do not forget products of doing away with the makeup after the day.


Camping has become a popular recreational activity with everyone wanting to spend their holiday in camping sites under the camping tents. Youth organizations such a scouting major very much with camping as a core activity.

Camping has its benefits as well as it promotes teamwork and self-reliance. Do not fail to go for camping because of offear of a gloomy face. The provided tips can aid in maintaining fresh face all through

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