Do You Know About The E-Fluid Brands That Vape Club Recommends?

Hey vape fam, as you folks already likely know, Nasty Juice is a Malaysian e-fluid manufacturer with extremely praiseworthy flavors. However, due to a strategic decision on Nasty Juice’s part, we are never again able to restock Nasty Juice inside Malaysia. Vape Club supporters may figure “how might I get my hands on Nasty Juice Slow Blow and Nasty Juice Cush Man now?”. Try not to fret because there are huge amounts of underrated and under-marketed e-liquids on Vape Club that has the same great quality and taste.

Here are some of the e-fluid brands that Vape Club recommends to all you Nasty Juice fanboys and fangirls out there.

E-Fluid Vape

Horny Flava

Horny Flava is one of the best e-fluid manufacturers in Malaysia with their super wonderful 50/50 fruity blends. Huge numbers of our customers love it more than Nasty Juice. The best sellers are Horny Mango, Horny Pomberry, and Horny Pinkberry. Just 3mg available in Vape Club.


Horny Flava is additionally heavily exported worldwide. Attempt it today for a dose of rich fruity vape juice. Definitely a challenger to Nasty Juice.

Throne Liquids

Throne Liquids is one of the fastest developing brands in Malaysia at this moment. The bestsellers are The Mountain, The Bastard, The Mad Queen and The Mother. Throne Liquids is a 70/30 VG PG blend with low mint, very much like Nasty Juice. The throne is being exported to the UK, Australia, Japan and the Middle East. The team at Vape Club is super excited for Throne’s development in 2018 as we figure it will be a serious contender in the e-juice market. The marketing effort and juice quality is on par or some say even better than Nasty Juice.

Mango Most

Mango Most are one of the most underrated e-fluid brands on the Vape Club online store. Superb e-juice enhances, the main downside of this brand is an absence of marketing. This brand is one of our organization’s favorites because of the refreshing koolada effect and extremely flavourful. Comes in 50/50 PG/VG, so expect a huge amount of flavor from Mango Most E-Liquids.

Fcukin Flava

One of the longest standing brands in Malaysia, Fcukin Flava is one of the best selling Malaysia e-juices with an emphasis on fruity flavors. Very addictive and extremely flavourful. Our bestsellers are Philippines Mango, Freezy Mango, and Fcukin Munkey.


On the off chance that you like Nasty Juice’s fruity profile, you will definitely like Fantasi E-Liquids. Fantasi is one of the biggest brands of e-liquids in Malaysia. They come in Ice (Medium Mint), Normal (Low Mint) and Zero Cooling (No Mint) so there is a variation for everyone. Awesome aluminum bundling with striking hues, paired with great flavors – what more can a vaper request? The main downside of Fantasies e-liquids is that they tend to be sweeter than common, making them loop murdering e-liquids.

Drip Code

Drip code is the brainchild of extremely experienced brewers of Kauffmen and Pondok Vape. They have a white series (creamy flavors) and a dark series (fruity flavors). They come in 70% VG so expect a great deal of mists. We’ve been assured that exclusive great crude materials are used in the generation of Drip Code so be assured that your vape is safe.

King Cloudz

King Cloudz is a Malaysian brewed e-fluid that comes in a huge range. King Cloudz is incorporated in 2016 and has not looked back since. King Cloudz is currently heavily exported to the UK, which is their principal market. They have a PG range and a high VG range available. The liquids are brilliant straight up fruity flavors that are very enjoyable, perfect for throughout the day vaping.

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