Larger your Business Grows, with Large Format Printing

Modes of advertising have been ever changing and modifying since the time man started executing business ideas. Word of mouth should be in simple terms, the first known kind of advertising. Interestingly, there are certain products, services, and industries which sustain through this advertising medium itself even today.


Since the inception of writing and art, advertising has been spread to various areas where the products could be exhibited in detail on a particular layout. The modes of printing stem from this kind of advertising. And today, it has advanced toLarge Format Printing techniques as well.

As time went by, the popularity of Large Format Printing has grown hugely. The particular aspect of this kind of printing is that it provides the luxury of a bigger area to work with. It can be served on banners, murals, posters, and wallpapers. These are effective for materials that contain heavy visual or graphic designs. Above all, Large Format Printing invites the customer’s attention more than how the normal sized ones do.

Instead of printing into individual sheets, large format printing uses a roll of prints that are fed steadily. It is also known as wide format printing. Sometimes it is called grand printing as well.


Some features of large format printing can be briefly discussed below.

  • Printers

The larger scale of printers with nozzles is used.

  • Process

The process is mostly the same as how the digital printing is executed, except for the kind of printers used. However, the speed of the process is faster.

  • Ink

Large Format Printing mostly uses pigment (UV) ink. They are water-based. They don’t fade and are perfect for outside use. As many printers for this purpose use low-VOC inks, it is largely environment-friendly as well.

  • Uses

Mostly used in mediums like posters, banners, and canvas.

Large Format Printingexhibits the specifics of the advertisement in a manner that cannot evade the people’s attention. It is, therefore, a huge leap in the business of marketing and advertising. Moreover, the process of the making of such exhibits is much faster and costs cheaper, thus catering to the needs of the customers and the entrepreneurs. It is to be particularly noted that in the process, the quality is not compromised as well.

Studies show that an average advertisement gets hardly a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. In those tiny moments, if an advertisement cannot serve its purpose, perhaps the cost involved for putting up that banner/poster is considered to be a loss. This is where Large Format Printing plays a significant role. With colors, graphics, and logos that vividly captures the imagination, wide format printing lets the viewer know all that he is in need to know within a matter of moments and seconds. The life-sized cut-outs can even make the interested customer take a peaceful moment and give his complete attention to the advertisement. After all, what would an advertisement seek, more than the complete attention of the viewer?

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