Learn How to Resolve QuickBooks Error C1304

QuickBooks is an accounting financial software developed by Intuit. Mostly used for small and medium-sized businesses. While using QuickBooks you may face many issues. One such issue is QuickBooks Error C1304. For more information, click here QuickBooks Help.

QuickBooks Error C1304 mostly occurs when the user installs or updates the QuickBooks. It mostly displays the error message, “Error writing to File”.

Causes of QuickBooks Error C1304

  • The major cause can be on CD Drive itself.
  • Other can be if the CD is damaged.
  • If the Windows component is damaged or missing.
  • Error writing to file allows that you have permission to the directory which also causes this error.

Analysis of QuickBooks Error C1304

The QuickBooks Error C1304 is an installation error that can occur due to issues in CD or damaged CD drive, you can fix the error by copying the installation folder from the CD to your computer hard drive before starting the installation procedure. Here are some Solutions to your QuickBooks Error C1304.

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error C1304

Facing such QuickBooks Error C1304, it becomes necessary for the user to resolve error successfully. Here are some ways how you can fix QuickBooks Error C1304

Solution 1: Copy and Install files

  • Copy Installation Files


    1. First, insert the QuickBooks Cd into CD drive. Press on ‘Quit’ if the installation process begins automatically.
    2. Right-Click on the Windows start button and opt for  ‘Explore’.
    3. Create a new folder on an easily accessible location, before you copy the installation Files to the hard drive.
    4. On the left pane, right click on the QuickBooks Cd and select ‘explore’.
    5. On the right pane, select the QuickBooks and Third Party Folders and ‘setup.exe’ files.
    6. Select both the file by pressing and holding ‘Ctrl’ button and copy the files.
    7. Now paste the files in the QuickBooks another folder you created in Step 3.
  • Start installation From the copied files


    1. Open the folder where you copied the installation files.
    2. Double click on ‘setup.exe’ to initiate the installation process.
    3. Follow the options which appears in the installation wizard.

Solution 2: Advanced User Manual Restore

  • Log in to your system as an admin.
  • Snap on the Start button and go to All Program > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore
  • At that point, select Restore my PC to the earlier time and afterward click on Next
  • Select the latest system to reorganize decrease from the “On this list, click a modernize reduction” list, and consequently click Next.
  • Click on Next on the affirmation window
  • Once the  restoration procedure is done, restart your PC

Solution 3: Scan your PC with Reimage Repair Tool

  1. Download and install the most recent version of Reimage Repair Tool legitimately.
  2. When the installment procedure is done, run the tool.
  3. The tool will filter your PC to decide the state of your PC.
  4. When the output is done, it will show you the glitches that need to be fixed in your system. Click on Start Repair choice to fix each of the issues.
  5. When the repairing procedure is finished, restart your PC to save changes.

These are some of the methods how you can fix your QuickBooks Error C1304. Hope, we have resolved your problem. In case if you need more assistance, refer us at QuickBooks Help.

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