Let’s Discuss The Bright future of Vaping Industry

Ciggerate selling has been one of the most consistent businesses in the world for years. There are a million smokers out there in the world who know that smoking is injurious to their health, but still, it has something which craves them to smoke. We all know it is the drug Nicotine in the Tobacco, which makes one addictive to smoking.

Every smoker, deep in their mind is aware of the fact that smoking is degrading their body, their lungs. Only those who have amazing willpower to stop smoking get through without smoking.  What about others? Is there no solution for them discovered yet? No, there are solutions now in the market to help them get rid of it without getting too stringent to their willpower.

In recent past, we have seen electronic cigarette hitting the market, gaining from a few hundred dollar businesses to a multi-million dollar business in a short matter of time. But, now Vape devices are getting more popularity.

Many vape devices are gaining more popularity due to its amazing design, flavors and many other features, one of them is MYLE Vape.

Let us learn the features of Vape devices:

  • Simple yet attractive design: VAPE devices have an elegant design, a little larger than e-cig. With all battery signs and size of an upper cup made beautifully, it looks handy and attractive in hand to take a bow.
  • Nicotine programs: Vape device is coming in the near future with pods of 50 grams and 26 grams. This is an indication of how willing are they to bring the smokers down to better health by reducing their nicotine craving and intake gradually.
  • Anti-Leak technology: Vape device has been designed in a manner that you do not observe any leak from the device while you inhale. Otherwise, it can damage your mood.
  • Less harmful than traditional cigarette: Although they aren’t completely harmless, they are certainly less harmful than a traditional cigarette. This is because, in e-cig and vape pens, nicotine comes by heating of the water-based liquid, while in a traditional cigarette, it comes by direct heating, burning of leaves, coming directly through smoke, which surely contains many harmful chemicals along.
  • Multiple flavors: VAPE devices are being offered in multiple flavors to its users such as Summer Strawberry, Tropical Mango, Mighty Mint, and VGOD Cubano. With these all flavors, nicotine amount varies by just 5% – 7% by volume. They can provide nearly 200-300 puffs per pod.

Battery Life:

One problem that has consistently been reported by many users of e-cigarette and other Vape pens is the low level of indication and low battery capacity. This issue had been a major issue for all users which is resolved to a much better level by these VAPE devices. They are equipped with a battery of 240 mAh – 420 mAh, which gives you enough battery before next charging, specially manufactured by MYLE.

Also, charging this device is much easier, as it comes with a USB charger with magnetic pins at its bottom to just put it in the slot. It’s quick and easy to charge.

Starter kit:

As a part of the vaping process, vaping liquid gets consumed over time, and it needs to be either refilled or replaced by another. Thus, there are pods available at ease which needs to be replaced, and you’re ready with another set of puffs. Usually, starter kits come in between $25-$75. On the other hand, refilling the cartomizer may take up to $8. It is a much better saving option than smoking a traditional cigarette.

So, as we see, there are many benefits of vaping devices than smoking a traditional cigarette, it is a much better option to turn attention to vaping devices, which are beneficial from economic as well as health point of view.

One of the best advantages of vaping devices is that it is easy to break the habit of traditional smoking with vape devices at ease. Even a smoker, who has been smoking 1-2 packets a day for last 20-30 years, can break the habit easily and opt for using vape device.

One can get the different intensity of nicotine during vaping as per choice. You can have zero-nicotine, low-nicotine and high nicotine vape, as per your craving. However, it is a proven fact that the nicotine level is inversely proportional to the taste of vapor during vaping. The lower nicotine you intake, the better the taste and smell of vapor you will receive. This enriches your vaping experience and brings to towards a healthier world and dealing with your craving at the same time.

It was an earlier thought that e-cigarette is the easiest way for beginners to enter the vaping industry, but now the devices are designed in a manner that anyone can use it easily, be it beginner or an advanced level smoker.

What is the scenario of the vaping industry presently?

2018 has been an interesting year for the vaping industry. There has been a cold war running between the conventional cigarette industry and the growing vaping industry. But, we foresee a good future of vaping industry as many youngsters in US and UK are now opting for vape pens and vape devices, firstly because it is less harmful and secondly because it looks cool and stylish. In any case, inhaling nicotine is always injurious to health, may it be any percentage via any source, be it a traditional cigarette, be it e-cigarette or be it vape pens and vape devices. They will have nicotine content from 0-5% depending upon how much you need.

With the growth of technology and the industrial revolution, the vaping industry has been taking new turns, and major changes are expected to be seen in terms of revenue and sales. Companies like Apple are even sighting a good future in the vaping industry. Apple has recently applied for a patent in vaping. Once the industry is clear with the regulations of the market and government, it will be an ever-expanding growth graph for vaping manufacturers. It is expected that the vaping industry may hit $20 billion by the end of 2020, maybe even more.

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