How Long Does it Take to Get a USA Student Visa?

Applying for a student visa to study, the process will not be very long unless you figure out the issues in it. Your school will only provide helpful information as well as support regarding the process of visa application. But it is up to you for applying student visa to Study in USA.


If you are going to apply for academic programs, you have to contact the school atleast before one year you are going to start. In the U.S, the school year will usually start in August month or September month. Also, there is a heavy competition to enter into the schools of United States and it will be much more especially if you are looking for admission in popular schools like Stanford or Harvard. Probably you have to submit about 5 to 10 applications so as to apply in many schools including some schools that you believe you have a great chance to get admitted to.

Applying To U.S Consulate:

In another side, don’t apply for visa too late. Also, the U.S consulate will not issue your decision regarding Student Visa USA on the same day you appear. Some applications will also referto processing further which will take even 60 days or more from the date of interview which has to be resolved. Also, you can check with the local consulate of U.S and ask for their suggestions regarding application procedure and timing. Most of them will recommend applying in advance of 6 weeks before your intended date of travel.

Whether you are already in the U.S as well as lawful status, you can switch to the student status just by submitting I-539 form. In such case, there is no need to deal with the U.S consulate but you need the citizenship of U.S as well as Immigration Services in the U.S. You have to check that how long USCIS office will take to handle your request regarding the status change. You can also visit the page of USCIS Processing Time Information of UCIS website so as to review the time of processing.

Time Required For ApplyingStudent Visa in the U.S:

The time required for applyinga student visa also known as F-1 will vary with the individuals as well as circumstances. Usually, the entire process will take one week but for some complex cases, it may also extend to some few months. There are many key steps involved in the process of applying fora visa and it also requires more time. Also, have a kind note on the points below.

  1. Scheduling Visit: Scheduling a good visit to the US embassy will take three days but there will be also a need to wait for a long time if the embassy of US is busy in experiencing a very high volume.
  2. Processing time: The processing time of the application will vary from 3 days to few weeks based on the volume.
  3. Issue: If the US embassy finds any issue in your application, then the processing time of your application will also be extended to few months as well.

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