How has Medical Augmented Reality Revolutionized the Healthcare Industry?

Individuals with little to no interest in technology must still have heard of these two words- Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).


These two technologies have changed the very way we perceive information. Both technologies are about enhancing the user’s experience of how they perceive information. All you need is an augmented reality device to get access to a different world of simulation.

Medical Augmented Reality is quite a hot topic of discussion these days. Healthcare industry has witnessed the revolution since the inception of this technology into medical industry.

How can medical augmented reality revolutionize healthcare industry?

Medical Augmented Reality arguments the reality by superimposed computer generated images over a user’s view of the real world.

Let’s have a look at how augmented reality benefits healthcare industry.

  • AR technology allows doctors to visualize the data through MRI and CT scans with real-world view. In simple words, a doctor can see what is under the skin of the patients without cutting it open.
  • Nurses can find the veins easily using the augmented reality. It helps doctors and nurses to determine exactly where the veins are and where to inject and make incisions. You do not have to go through the pain and suffering of nurse finding the veins.
  • AR displays the ultrasound data and X-ray data directly on the patient’s body. What more you can expect? You know exactly where the fracture is and what is going inside the patient body.
  • Augmented surgery has improved the precision of surgery to a great extent. If your doctor is looking at the leg thorough AR glasses, he can actually see the location of bones, blood vessels, tissues and identify the targets accurately.
  • If your doctor is wearing glasses while diagnosing you, do not worry, he/she is getting a better vision of you. AR glasses allow doctors to peer inside the body like never before.
  • Integration of augmented reality with patient’s record gives doctors the great comfort of looking at the patient’s history and medicine prescribed.
  • Medical Augmented Realityhas increased the quality of education to a great extent. Students can see, feel and hear the actual working of the body.

These are the few key benefits of the augmented reality in the healthcare industry.

Not only augmented reality is making an impact in the medical industry but also its cousin, virtual reality setting up new standards. Virtual reality projects the computer-generated information in three-dimensional images. It creates the artificial environment which simulates the real world.

So, both Medical Augmented Reality and virtual reality is changing the way health industry works.

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