How Much Do You Know about the Coach You Travel in By Train?

There are many people who travel by Trains in India, but they have no clue about the particularities. Of course, they don’t know much about the routes, coaches, types of trains, facilities, services, food options, and so on. If you are a true traveller, then you must be aware of every aspect of your traveling mean.train

You know traveling is an integral part of human race. But the greatness of travelling has changed a lot over the times. In earlier days, travelling merely meant getting from one spot to another. Folks were not extremely choosy for a specific class while travelling through railways and luxury was never a portion of travelling in those old days. Trains used to be made up of coaches wherein the seats were formed of iron rods that were shaped to create bench where people might sit.

But, in the presence of advancements in technology, features, services, people started taking care of these details while they travel. Soon came into picture the sleeper classes, coaches having toilets, cushioned berths, washbasins and what not.  It was then that concept of AC coaches began in Frontier Mail that is now called Golden Temple Mail. Though the technology used for air conditioning was somewhat unconventional way back in the year 1934. Much thanks to the present day Indian Railways that are employed to cater total comfort and ease to passengers at every step. Be it pnr check, toll free number, or any other thing; you have the ease to know it and use it for your traveling ease by train.

With altering travelling requirements, there are now diverse options of classes available by Indian Railways to travel anywhere in the country. You might travel by trains, but how much do you know about diverse abbreviations used by Indian Railways such as First AC (1A), Third AC (3A), Second AC (2A), Executive Class (EC), and First Class (FC) and so on? Have a quick peep below:

First AC – (1A)

First AC sleeper Class in the Indian Railways is the most luxurious mode of travelling. These are totally AC coaches. It has four or two berths per compartment, and there is no type of side upper or side lower berths in 1A coaches.  Compartment encompassing two berths are called coupe and the ones having four berths are called cabins. Every single compartment has a door that passengers can lock from inside. The expense is little high, but the comfort is matchless.

AC Executive Class – (EC)

These are the Executive Class coaches, and these are said to be Railway’s Business Class mode of travelling just like in aircrafts. It is fully AC class having only Chair Car type seating preparations. There are no sleeper berths in such coaches. It is similar to CC (Chair Car) class like one’s in Shatabdi trains. The only difference in the seat arrangements is in 2X2 fashion in Executive Class making it much MOR comfortable and roomy. Therefore, there is a lot more leg space and middle walk passage is also wide.

Thus, these were two of the coach’s types of Indian Railways. You can know as much as you want once you begin to explore. Once you know about the trains you travel by, your journeys become much more pleasant.

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