Musicians Who Utilized Their Disabilities

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Musicians are engaged in one of the most demanding professions in the world. As individuals engaged in a pursuit of surpassing themselves at various artistic levels, musicians are known not only for producing masterpieces but also for running out of ideas. Some musicians have deployed their disabilities in the interest of their artistic developments.

Franz Schubert And Bipolar Disorder

Franz Schubert famous musician

The musical prodigy who had a short yet prolific career was known for his innumerable pieces of composition that have earned him comparison with the likes of Beethoven and Listz. While not renowned for his looks, Franz Schubert was immensely gifted with endless creativity. The composer however was not very comfortable around women and had to rely on prostitutes for his sexual pleasures. It was this practice that afflicted him with Syphilis. The condition however did not prevent him from surpassing himself artistically. Franz was able to produce his masterpiece while remaining confined to the solitude of his bed.

Thomas Quasthoff And Stunted Growth

Thomas Quasthoff famous musician

For many individuals being born with disabilities precludes them from realizing their potential. Thomas Quasthoff has got a different conception of disabilities altogether. The 5 year old composer refuses to view disability as a problem on the contrary he acknowledges it as a fact. Even though the congenital condition with his hands deprived him the chance of ever playing musical instruments, Thomas Quasthoff was abundantly endowed with remarkable singing prowess. His refusal to be labeled as a victim of fate has enabled Thomas to be one of the best classical singers in Germany.

Tony Iommi And Chopped Off Finger

Tony Iommi famous musician

Getting the tip of their finger would not be the ideal way for someone to start their guitar career. When the unfortunate incident struck Tomi Iommi, it did not deter him from playing his heart out on guitar. Tomi user stringed his guitar with lighter gauge strings that allowed him to practice guitar for longer period of time without hurting his fingers too much. Tony went onto form the legendary Metal Band, Black Sabbath which created numerous albums that shaped the history of Rock music.

Django The Two Fingered Lightning

Django famous musician

When 13 year old Django was told that he would never be able to play guitar following the surgery on burnt fingers it only made him more determined to continue pursuing his passion. Django lost three fingers to fire that almost left him an amputated leg. The Jazz guitarist continued playing guitar and went on to pioneer a whole new genre called hot Jazz. Django continues to inspire thousands of Jazz guitarists today.

Nick Drake And Depression

Nick drake famous musician

Known for his extremely somber yet beautifully crafted songs, Nick Drake was way ahead of his time. The folk guitarist who enjoyed little fame while he was alive, received posthumous recognition years after his death. Nick Drake had left behind him an enduring legacy encompassing 4 studio albums before committing suicide by taking an overdose of anti-depressants tablets. Fame invariably eluded the Nick drake’s career owing largely to his inhibition to playing live music.

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