Why you must choose Kotlin For Android App Development?

Over the period, several programming languages have showed great potential for app development. Today, mobile app developers around the world are using different programming languages for Android app development. With the advent of Kotlin, the eyes of developers have shifted a bit.

Google itself, announced Kotlin as an official Android Language in its annual developer’s conference. This language has the ability to smoothen and ease down the mobile app development process, that’s why it succeeded in earning Google’s support.

Today, various businesses are using Kotlin to create their mobile apps. Besides, app developers are also using it for development of distinct apps.This article is about the ability of Kotlin for android mobile app development. We are discussing the features and benefits of Kotlin.

 What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is regarded as a ‘one-stop language’ for all application development. Basically, it is a statically typed programming language. The most interesting aspect is that it runs on JVM (Java virtual machine). A team of programmers at ‘JetBrains’ developed it and later it augmented by several open source developers. This language is easy to compile to JavaScript or Native for writing code.

This language is becoming popular for mobile app developments. Let’s know more about Kotlin.

  • Top Features of Kotlin

Open source: Kotlin is an open source programming language, that makes it easily available for app development.


Interoperability: This language is fully interoperable with Java. It runs on JVM and utilizes tools and libraries of java. It also provides compatibility for 6th and 7th version of java.

 Complies code into bytecode or JS

Developers are more inclined towards this language because it compiles codes into JVM bytecode or JavaScript. Moreover, Kotlin is also useful for developers that use garbage collected runtime.

 Defaulted parameters

In Kotlin, you can pass the default parameter easily by argument name instead of index. This is beneficial when there are numbers of functions with optional parameters.

 No runtime overhead

The standard library of Kotlin doesn’t have garbage. Mostly, its extensions are focused to the standard library of java. Several functions in Kotlin are inline that just has become inline code.

Other than these main features, Kotlin has several features including, data classes, null safety and more.

It is officially supported language to write Android mobile apps. This is the reason various organizations are embracing Kotlin to create their mobile apps. There are several benefits of choosing Kotlin for mobile app development. Here are the benefits of Kotlin.

  • Benefits of Kotlin


Today, app developers are using Kotlin because of the brevity, it offers. This language ensures less errors in code and accelerates the app development process.

Great IDE Support

Since its development, it has gone through different alpha and beta improvement stages. It means it was being used in several projects prior to its official release. The general purpose of developing this programming language is to use proven features of worldwide-IDE and programming languages. With Kotlin, IDE plugins work smoothly and allow the use of several popular features of java.

Easy App Development

With Kotlin, you are not required to write heavy and big code for app library. With Kotlin it is very small and doesn’t increase the count of the ‘methods’ at a great extent. Therefore, the app development becomes easier and efficient.


Kotlin has several ground-breaking features that make it reliable programming language for app development. Kotlin Android Extensions, Continuous library size optimization, libraries such as Anko, build times and more are committed to better app development.

The mentioned benefits make Kotlin perfect for Android mobile apps. If you want to create a mobile app for your business, you must choose Kotlin. We at Fifium, develop mobile apps with modern technologies including kotlin, react native, Flutter and more. Our app developers contemplate the current market scenarios and the importance of choosing a programming language for app development. Our team of best mobile app developers in UK, is creative and able to make successful mobile apps with great features like social media compatibility, offline mode, responsive design, more interactive UI and more.We are well known app development company. If you want to know more about the app development contact us.

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