How to Optimize youtube videos for SEO

Youtube is a video sharing website. Where we can watch different types of videos. It is very popular in this generation. If you have a popular Youtube channel with million of subscriber then it can incredible impact on your brand reach and will give you the chance to engage with the millions of visitors of using the platform.

You can only videos according to the visitors what they would like to know. This level of engagement helps to build the relationship between customer and brand, up your name. But it is difficult to rank your video in first position in Youtube so, today we are here to discuss about the factors of ranking videos.

Some major factors that can improve Youtube Rankings

Other Search Engines like Google, bing, Youtube has their own algorithm that indicates which videos is more useful and displays in first results. Here are some of main points according to algorithm that can uses on adjusting these rankings.

Video length

Your videos should a proper length because youtube only allow to upload 15 minutes long videos. To increase your upload length you have to complete a simple type of verification. After completed you can upload your videos without any restrictions to increasing your video length you can follow these steps.

  • Sign in to your Youtube account
  • Now click on “create a video or post” and proceed to Upload Video
  • Click on increase “Video limit”
  • Enter your valid mobile number to get OTP.
  • Enter received “code”
  • Click on verify

Keyword Relevancy

Keyword relevancy is more important to optimize your videos. If you did not know about keyword relevancy and want to know briefly you can easily take help by visiting SEO Services

Video Title

When you upload your videos in Youtube you have to use proper keyword in the filename of videos. And should be included with focus keyword for which you want to rank your Youtube video.


Writing a great description is very useful for your videos. Number of peoples only includes few words on video description. They didn’t know the benefit to fill a full description. This can be easily impact in ability of include keywords and communicate with the algorithm. don’t be afraid to include several hundred words almost the length of a short blog post.

Your number of subscribers

It is also a important factor in video rankings if you have number of subscribers then your video can be easily rank on top. When you upload a video. After uploaded firstly a notification automatically sent to your subscribers for your video and they can watch your videos. So we can say that it’s also plays an important role for ranking your youtube videos. If you want to see your subscribers list here are some tips you can follow.

  • You can see your subscribers list by visiting your subscriber list in creator studio. The list only shows those subscribers who have chosen make their subscription public. When user first create account, list is automatically set on private.  

User reactions

If a user watch your video and he get impressed by watching your video then he should not stop himself by like, comment or subscribe on your video. So it is also left a positive effect on your videos. Youtube only rank those videos which is being liked by people so we have to upload a unique or fresh videos on Youtube.

To optimize your videos, you can follow these steps all steps are very useful and it also left a great impact to rank your videos on Youtube


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