Planning the Perfect Wedding Party

What makes for the perfect nuptials? Is it the glittering rings and the setting free of white doves? Is it the perfect dress and the towering cake?

Wedding Party

Or is it making memories? Is it about making sure that every single guest feels welcomed and that the celebration goes off with a bang, from the moment you guests gather to the last one leaves?

If it is the latter, then you are in the right place! A wedding celebration should be exactly that – a celebration of an amazing relationship that has blossomed into a long-lasting love fest. And the best way to celebrate that is to have a wedding party that knocks all others out of the park.

But just how do you plan the perfect wedding party?

It’s about them…


You want your friends and family surrounding you on your big day, but with so many traditions and superstitions confining your day, getting the balance right with your guests can seem like an impossibility. But listen – this is your day and the perfect wedding party starts with people, your friends, your family, your neighbours, whoever you want to have on the invite list.


Many happy couples are theming their wedding or civil ceremonies and we think this is a great way to create an amazing backdrop for your wedding. We don’t have scientific proof, but we think theming your wedding party helps guests to understand what is going on, why you have certain kinds of bands or music playing etc. it brings order to what can be a chaotic and listless party in some ways.


You have to get the right place. It has to be accessible for your guests but it also needs to be within budget and a perfect setting for your wedding party – whether you have a theme or not. Do you want an old gothic castle or stately home, or are you turning a defunct industrial warehouse into something amazing? These blank canvas open spaces are ideal for turning it into a space that is unique to your wedding, especially when you consider staging hire, as well as bespoke sound services, catering and so on.


You need the right vibe for your wedding party too. And that means the right entertainment. From an illusionist mingling with guests, to brilliant live music, to a disco, or a video diary booth, there are so many sources of entertainment for you and your guests. Choose ones that work with your theme, as well as entertainment that works for all cross-sections of your guest list.


You may be the happy couple, swimming in the love in each other’s eyes but you are still the hosts and that means your guests are relying on you. They need to feel valued and wanted thus, you will need to spend some of your wedding party mingling, chatting, laughing and enjoying the company of the people you have asked to be witness to this important step in your lives.

What do you think are the magic ingredients for the perfect wedding party? And how will you incorporate them into your day?


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