How to prepare for ATMA along with CAT?

Most of the candidates looking forward to pursuing postgraduate management courses prefer to register for multiple entrance tests to secure their chances of getting admissions across IIMs or any other top B-schools. But the main problem for those students is how to manage preparation for all the top management entrance tests including the most coveted CAT exam.

AIMS Test for Management Aptitude popularly known as ATMA is one such MBA entrance test for which many students apply in order to get the admission in postgraduate management schools. So, if you are one of those who are looking forward to ATMA as well as CAT, here is the planning strategy to follow. By going through this article, you will know how to prepare for ATMA 2019 along with the CAT successfully.

CAT Exam

ATMA 2019 and CAT 2018 Dates

Before heading towards the preparation tips and tricks to make a balance between CAT 2018 and ATMA 2019, it is of utmost importance that one should be aware of all top MBA entrance test dates, in which he/she is likely to appear.

ATMA 2019 will be held in the months of January 2019, February 2019, May 2019, June 2019 and August 2019. While CAT 2018 will be held on November 25, 2018. So, you can see there is a considerable gap between both the exam, so you will have enough time for the preparation.

Each of the 5 ATMA exams will offer an opportunity to improve your exam score and enhance the MBA admission chances in one of the 200 selected MBA colleges in India. ATMA 2019 exams are expected to have a moderate difficulty level as per the past trends and also less difficult than CAT. So, if you are looking for both these exams, here are tips and tricks to follow.

How to prepare for ATMA 2019 along with CAT 2018

After knowing the test dates of different management entrance examinations, it is important to make oneself prepared as per the exam patterns of the respective tests. Here are some tips and tricks for ATMA and CAT.

Section wise preparation

Most of the like tests have similar sections, comprising either components related to Quantitative Ability, English Language, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge with varied names. Irrespective of exams, all candidates are advised to focus and start preparation as per the exam sections as the primary topics in each section is similar.

For instance, if candidates start preparing for Quantitative section of CAT, they ought to prepare for the same section of ATMA as well. Once aspirants are done with the common sections, they should delve into the specific sections and focus on the topics of those exams other than CAT.

Conceptual Clarity

Since the sections and topics are common in a majority of the exams, one must have cleared the basics by now. With a strong base, it would be easy for prospective test takers to tackle questions across sections in all the entrance exams.

Extensive Reading

Reading habit immensely helps in the preparation of MBA entrance examinations. If one does not have the habit of reading, it is high time to inculcate it. Reading newspapers, magazines, editorials, GK and yearbooks, precisely all reading materials assist in preparing for the General Awareness section. This habit will not only help with the GK preparation but also with the Reading Comprehension and Data Interpretation/Sufficiency sections.

Time Management

If one has strategized one’s preparation as per the exam pattern of the tests, would have an idea about how much time one is saving from repetitive preparations for one section. Time management is not only an important factor during preparations; it is a mandate to follow a time management strategy for the test day as well. The time management strategy followed during preparation should be replicated in the exam.

Extensive practice of Mock Tests

The mock tests are necessary for all the entrance tests, so aspirants of all the MBA entrance exams must practice mock tests rigorously. Mock tests play a vital role to determine the level of preparation for the actual tests. A Mock test is the most effective method of evaluating candidates’ current preparation level and helps re-frame the future preparation plans. It also makes you familiar with the type of questions which might appear in the test.

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