Pretty Flowers for Special Occasions Such as a Wedding Ceremony

If you want your wedding bouquet to look unique, you probably want to offer it a touch of personalization. However, in the days of yore, it was not personalization but symbolism that mattered.

In different cultures, women, on the day of their wedding, were made to carry different items including flowers that symbolizes fertility. Although, many such items were used, flowers stood the test of time because of their unmatched beauty. But today, it’s only rarely that people take this aspect into account. The main focus these days remains on the aspect of beauty and romance. So, more often than not, women carry bouquets in their hands on the day of their wedding because of the fact that they look so elegant and add that much needed glam factor to the overall getup of the bride.

And that is why it’s important to choose your wedding flowers keeping two things in mind- what’s in trend and what you like. Talking about the first aspect, we must agree to it that fashion is an important factor that guides our wedding flower choices today. And because present-day fashion is of such high magnitude, brides are exposed to choices that are unlimited. With the change in times, brides don’t opt for bland and boring flower bouquets in simple colours anymore. Today, what matters most is style!

Here are some of the best wedding flower trends you might like to have a look at-

  • Besides purity, white also symbolizes joy. And that is probably the reason why white is such an integral part of weddings. Champagne weddings usually take up an all-white theme, and starting from the bouquets held by the bride to the ones for the attendants, all are made with white flowers.
  • If you like things simple and sweet, then going for white lily bouquets would be the best bet. If, however, you are someone who loves to go bold and beautiful, the full spectrum of colours is for you.
  • Some of the most popular wedding flower shades for the ‘colour loving’ league of people are burgundy, rose and deep violet.
  • Many weddings these days adopt the Victorian theme. Victorian weddings are characterized by romance, quaint ambience and etiquette. Rose and orange remain the dominant colours for flowers in a Victorian wedding.
  • In western weddings, head wreaths and coronets are quite popular. Even ladies in the family other than the bride, love to adorn themselves with flowers. Corsages and single flowers are their favourite. When they go for bouquets, they are mostly from the nosegay category.

Weddings are special, so should be the flowers. And to make sure flowers for your wedding are special, you should get them from the best flower shop around. A good florist will keep themselves updated with all the latest trends in the subject of wedding flowers. So, you can choose them for reliable online flower delivery, especially in matters of important occasions such as weddings.

If your wedding is around the corner, or you want to send flowers to Jalandhar on your friends’ or acquaintances’ wedding, then you can choose any of these flowers. These are some of the most preferred flowers for wedding ceremonies-

  • Hydrangea.
  • Rose.
  • Tulip.
  • Peony.
  • Calla Lily.
  • Lily of the Valley.
  • Stephanotis.
  • Ranunculus.

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