Proper Motivation For Those Who Want To Give Up Vicious Habits

What are vicious habits?

A vicious habit is a certain action that we repeat regardless of our will. First, you just to it subconsciously, then it turns into a habit. Such habits can harmfully influence our health and the ones of people we care about. There is no need to associate all habits with the vicious ones. If you wash your hands once having returned home or make your morning exercises etc. A vicious habit itself is an addiction familiar to an illness.

The most propagated vicious habits are the following: smoking, nails biting, abusive language, drug abuse, overnutrition etc. Such habits will make you feel uncomfortable and decrease the level of your life. It is rather difficult to get rid of them but nevertheless, it is possible due to a large amount of your time and efforts. The reasons for our weaknesses are depression, stress, fatigue etc.

Usually diffident and shy people are subjected to vicious habits. So as far as you might understand the reason lays in certain subconscious triggers. Maybe, it was a difficult period of time, you experienced the death of a person you loved or were fired. Without any second thought, we try to find the way to deaden the pain and the answer is on the bottom of the bottle or in the needle. Unfortunately, this is the truth we need to get used to. If you already have one of the above-mentioned habits, first of all, you need to analyze its origin, in other words, where did it come from. Thus, you will find out what burden can break you down.

Beyond the reasonable doubt, if you have close friends or relatives they should be the first you ask for help. They will do their best to build a wall between you and this habit to keep you save. However, even their efforts will not be enough for your closure. Your own struggle is the key to your success.

The only thing you need is proper motivation.

What is the motivation? To some extent, it is a force that calls you to action, in other words, this motivation will help you give up a vicious habit. If this habit is harmless, like nails biting or slurp, it will be relatively easy, but concerning drug abuse or smoking, it would be much harder, first of all, because your mind will try to oppose your efforts by all means. Those who already experienced such relief life give up smoking knows that the first three or four weeks your desire to smell the smoke will be unbearable. You will start noticing all the people around you smoking and you will succeed only if you will go through this period.

It is obvious without deep math knowledge that we spend a lot of money due to our bad habits. That is why we cannot afford things we really need and it may be your hook. Just think about the whole range of opportunities you will face after giving up smoking. This is a good way to persuade your body and mind to get rid of a certain vicious habit.

Another occupation might also be very helpful. First of all, it is some intellectual activity, like chess or other interesting games of this kind. Musical instrument, painting, jogging or whatever makes you forget about your addiction are appreciated.

You might have heard about dozens of books about easy and fast ways to get rid of your bad habits. The one piece of advice that impressed me is those who have certain addition should not give it up at once. According to my experience, step-by-step method is far from being efficient since you just reduce doze without getting rid of the core problem. That is why if you are intended to give up a vicious habit, do not read fancy books about simple ways of success. Remember, it will not be easy but if you aimed at getting rid of it, just do it.

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