How to protect Hotmail Account From Hacker

Hotmail email service started in 1996 and it has a user-friendly interface. Hotmail provides us the email facility by this we communicate and transfer file formats. Hotmail is the fast email service and it has some extra features as compared to other email services. Hotmail Account is fully secured and protected email account. Any user can use this account frequently. It has the maximum number of users and the user face some issue in their Hotmail Email. Some people hack the other personal email account and they misuse the account and send some post. Hackers take some bad actions on the user email account. So it is very important that we protect our email id from the hackers. So how you can protect your Hotmail Email Id from the Hackers. So we give some example that shows you the protection from the Hackers by Hotmail customer service.

How to protect Hotmail Account From Hacker

Steps to protect Hotmail Account From Hacker


  • If your Hotmail email id is hacked then your important or personal data is leaked to the hacker. You can protect your email id by doing some changes.


  • If you enable the 2fa technique (Two Factor Authentication) then your email id will be secure. The 2fa also refers to two-step verification because in this verification it takes the two-time password. So in this hackers can’t be able to hack the Hotmail email account.


  • Sometimes user uses free wifi service in the public place or another area. Our advice the user to avoid these types of open network wifi use. Sometimes if you log in to your email id then it will be easy to hack. Always use mobile data or secure wifi on your mobile for the internet. Then you can save your Hotmail Email from Hackers.


  • Always use VPN (virtual private Network) for your computer because it changes the real IP address to virtual IP address. Hacker can’t easily judge the details of your Hotmail email id for hacking.


  • When you check your emails then never click on any type of the link because it redirects you to the other website and they hack your Hotmail email id. So avoid all type of these email that shows adds or other data if you want to protect your email id.


  • Never login your Hotmail email id to other smartphone or laptops because they hack your email id or your password will be saved in their laptop.

Contact with Hotmail customer support


In this article, we share about Hotmail email security. If we follow all the steps then our email id is secure for a long time. Hotmail provide us many feature so it is our responsibility to protect it from any type of

Virus and hacking. Fastly takes action and tell us about the hacking. Tech support executive solve all the queries. You can communicate with the Hotmail live mail or chat. In this you can directly communicate with the support member. They resolve your all issues through the mail. Hotmail customer support executives always available and provides you the best help. The support number is toll free. They never break your trust and you feels better with you email service. User satisfaction is first goal and they always achieves this.

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